About Our Company & Metal Garden Furniture

If you’re trying to have your patio furniture replaced, the odds are that you have a wooden set, and you’re going for a new look, read on to learn about our company & metal garden furniture . influenced such a change?

In the 1990s, wooden exterior furniture was in style. In Europe, you would see plenty of red balau, teak, karri, yellow balau, iroko, and pine garden furniture. When did these looks become less in demand?

About Our Company & Metal Garden Furniture- Maintenance and Longevity

Young and unseasoned wood rots while harboring grime and dirt. Poorly maintained wood requires continuous oiling (even though the exterior shell will keep cracking). Aluminum patio chairs, tables, and rattan garden furniture resolved these issues.

If you require stylish and comfortable patio furniture that doesn’t warrant regular maintenance and is robust without being heavy, you’re in good hands with Outdoor Edge!

We Have Rust-Proof Exterior Furniture!

Outside Edge provides top of the line rattan and aluminum garden furniture. Our patio furniture is directly retailed from the factory to your home. By eliminating the middleman, we can lower our rates without compromising quality.

Credibility and experience complement our structural guarantee.

About Our Company & Metal Garden Furniture – Exhibitions and Shows

Previously, our rattan and cast aluminum garden furniture were directly sold to the public at exhibitions across the nation. The following trade shows have been host to our selection of garden furniture:

We have total control over every step of the process, from obtaining the source materials (e.g. virgin aluminum) to the completed project sent to your home.


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