All I Want for Christmas

All I Want for Christmas

All I Want For Christmas – A list of lovely things for those of you who like to live life outdoors or at least be inspired by gardens and the natural world.

All I Want For Christmas – Cluster Lights

Bit of a cheat one this – because it’s a Christmas decoration, so definitely needed before the 25th … I have been in love with these cluster lights since I saw them adorning the trees at Waddesden Manor a couple of years ago. 200 LED lights ‘explode’ in all directions like a bunch of Christmassy mistletoe high in the tree. I must have wasted hours trying to track them down on the net, and here is all their classy glory, they are, courtesy of those lovely clever people at Crocus. So if like me, you have a huge tree in the front garden, on which traditional strings of lights look feeble – just plonk in a few of these (remember things always look best in odd numbered groups – so go for 3 or 5 or 7 of these if the budget stretches!).

All I Want For Christmas – Designer Mugs And Plates

Magpie’s nature inspired mugs and plates would grace any metal patio garden table. Personally, I’ve always been particularly fond of their Pondlife range. It’s the combination of muted dusky colours with the sixties geometric styling and charming ducks etc. For the country types, check out their foxes and birds too. All charming and very reasonably priced.

All I Want For Christmas – Radiance Lighting

Another go-to site every time I need a gift, or want to treat myself, is Hannah Nunn’s fabulous Radiance Lighting.

All I Want For Christmas – Papercuts And Prints

If you are lucky enough to live near Hebden Bridge, you can visit the treasure trove of lights and crafts, but for the rest of us, get a fix via the web and stock up on Leonie Stephenson’s exquisite papercuts or prints. I’ve can’t choose between A Country Garden and A Woodland Tale; the prints are signed and a very reasonable £12.95. Or you could splash out on the charming Personalised Green Tree papercut in which Leonie will incorporate up to six names. According to the website, it takes two to three weeks to make, so there’s still time to get one ordered before Christmas.

All I Want For Christmas – Wooden Book Marks

Also sold by Radiance Lighting are Jane Blease’s wooden bookmarks. Heaven for booklovers and tree huggers alike. These stylish and practical page markers are made from a thin wooden veneer (walnut, ash or oak) which is then laser cut with one of her signature circle designs. The design is hand embroidered and backed with matching a coloured felt . A lovely little thing at £12.50 each.

Sarah Raven

I have long been a huge fan of Sarah Raven’s products – from the fabulous colours of her tulips and dahlias, to the classy home ware ranges she stocks, to say nothing of her wonderful Food for Friends and Family which is something of a kitchen bible. Why not treat the garden enthusiast in your life to one of her courses next year? I’m particularly intrigued by the Square Metre course in which Sarah shares two designs for compact spaces – a veg patch and one for cut flowers. Perfect for someone living with a small city garden or patio.

Hazel Twig Castle

For the children, what could be better than a real hazel twig castle? See Cox and Cox. It’s hand-woven from hazel twigs. An eco-friendly, robust and hard wearing present. Yes, it’s pricey (£175) but it will last long after Christmas. Much nicer to look out from your metal patio table at this than some monstrous plastic wendy house.

Garden Lanterns

And while you rest there on your outdoor rattan sofa, why not enjoy some soft candlelight courtesy of these elegant garden lanterns available from Not on the High Street . The recycled glass tea light holder is framed in a wire holder and comes in three different styles – with a lacey border, lattice work or a more modern looking linear design.
The light rests on an iron stand which spikes into the ground. They come in either rust or white, and stand 13 cm high. £19.95 for two. A great way to create a mood for a bit of alfresco dining or to light a path at this time of year.

Gardening Gloves

Who wouldn’t want a pair of Gold Leaf Gardening Gloves? The leather just seems to get better with age – never cracks and gets hard and they last for ages. Endorsed by The Royal Horticultural Society, Gold Leaf Gardening Gloves are used by their gardeners at Wisley, Rosemoor and Harlow Carr. So if they’re good enough for the professionals, what’s not to like?

All I Want For Christmas Is An Outdoor Dustpan

It may be utilitarian, but what a fantastic idea – to have an outdoor dustpan. This beech handled, stainless steel number is just right for keeping the patio clean and sweeping up the mud from the boot room. Prop it up near your outdoor garden table and you need never be caught on the hop by unexpected friends with exacting standards.

Jurianne Matter

Finally, what better way to say Thank You to everyone than with Dutch artist Jurianne Matter’s Forest Tree gift cards? These beautifully stylized trees, in muted shades of green with iridescent gold highlights, and be folded upright to display. These are the ultimate eco-friendly gift cards; from the choice of inks to the biodegradable packaging.



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