Aluminium Is Best For Metal Garden Furniture

Aluminium Is Best For Metal Garden Furniture

This is why aluminium is best for metal garden furniture. Patio furniture is available in the UK in a number of different types of metal. The most popular metal used for patio furniture is aluminium, iron or stainless steel.

Let’s have a look at each of these metals in turn.


This ferrous metal has been used by homo sapiens in a number of ways for thousands of years on earth. Before other metals were discovered, man used this strong yet heavy element for a number of uses. For example as building materials in construction, for tools or weapons and even for furniture.

In the 19th century iron was used for everything imaginable for the home, garden and in industry. However the main problem with using iron for home products and especially for outside use, is that iron apart from being very heavy will always rust.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel was invented in Victorian times but it’s use did not come to the fore until the 1950s. This was because the production process was technically very difficult and involved, but the main reason was the very high expense. Stainless steel is a little lighter than iron but of course the higher grade will not rust.

Stainless steel is now used to make metal garden furniture in the UK and abroad but this metal mix is usually included with other media such as textaline and aluminium. Apart from the top end of the market, stainless steel is not very popular because it’s quite heavy but the main stumbling block is that it is prohibitively expensive when used to make normal household products like metal garden furniture.

Aluminium Is Best For Metal Garden Furniture – Why?

Aluminium was actually discovered in the 19th century and it could’ve been use to make a plethora of different products, but it’s use in manufacturing base was undermined by the iron foundry owners like the Darby family in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire.

The iron barons victimized the aluminium innovators by reducing prices and flooding the market with cheaper household and building products like metal garden furniture, balustrades and benches.

Eventually the cast iron fraternity could not sustain their unfair market monopoly tactics. Eventually, aluminium became the vogue metal in the art deco period in the 1930s. By the 1960s it became obvious that aluminium is best for metal garden furniture production.

Aluminium is a perfect metal for many areas including aeroplane manufacture, engine parts and domestic products like metal garden furniture. The statement ‘aluminium is best for metal garden furniture’ is true because:

  1. The first main advantage of aluminium is that it cannot and will never rust; a thin film of oxide forms on the surface of the exposed aluminium and this in it’s self will repel water.
  2. Metal garden furniture should not be heavy as when you decide to move it around the garden or patio you don’t want to damage your back. Aluminium is a light and strong element, which in fact is 70% lighter than rusting iron.
  3. Since the art deco period, the cost of aluminium ingots has significantly dropped making it viable to manufacture well priced metal garden furniture.

So if you want to purchase metal garden furniture that is virtually maintenance free and competitively priced, you have to consider our extensive metal outdoor furniture range. Please look at our website or contact us if you have any questions at all about why aluminium is best for metal garden furniture.

aluminium is best for metal garden furniture


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