Aluminium Outdoor Furniture – no rot, no rust, no maintenance, no worries!

Aluminium Outdoor Furniture By Outside Edge

If you wish to have hassle free fun when the sun eventually makes an appearance, you must consider our aluminium outdoor furniture range. From a single metal patio chair to a 12 seat dining set we have a product to cater for everyone. We also offer aluminium loungers, metal bistro sets,fire pit tables, lounger and sofa sets, parasol and cushions; all built to last for the long term.

Aluminium Outdoor Furniture – 13 Reasons Why You Should Buy Our High Quality Metal Products!

No Rust

Unlike iron garden furniture, aluminium will never rust, it cannot be affected by the elements.

No Rot

Aluminium is not broken down by bacteria or algae as, unlike wooden patio furniture, it contains no organic material.

Made In England

Much of our aluminum outdoor furniture is now manufactured in our foundry in Lancashire, England.

Solid Cast

Our UK made Venetian & Knot chairs are completely solid cast, the legs are not made of hollow tubing like some Chinese chairs.

No Self Assembly Chairs

ALL of our aluminium outdoor furniture chairs are delivered in a finished form – you do not have to assemble them!

Core Strength

Making a flat pack chair saves on welding and delivery costs, but we will not have a knock down chair in our cast aluminium outdoor furniture range. Why? Because a solid, welded chair is ALWAYS stronger than a chair with bolted on legs and arms.

Stacking Chairs

All of our garden chairs stack to save space. Also we suggest stacking your patio chairs in the winter so that, if there is a storm, the chairs have less chance of being blown over.

Extensive UK Stocks Of Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

We have a large inventory so that we can deliver our outdoor products quickly.

No Maintenance – No Hassle

Our aluminium outdoor furniture is easily cleaned with a hose down or hose down after applying soapy water.

No Oiling – No Varnishing

There is no treatment required with aluminium outdoor furniture.

Correct Powder Coating

The aluminium is covered in special UV repellent powdered paint and then baked in an oven, i.e. the paint doesn’t peel off after a couple of years!

10 Year Guarantee

Our warranty is up to 10 years. Please compare this to our competitors, many of whom only offer a 1 year guarantee.

Many Happy Customers

Please view our testimonials to read our happy customers’ comments.

aluminium outdoor furniture
aluminium outdoor furniture
aluminium outdoor furniture
aluminium outdoor furniture
aluminium outdoor furniture

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