Aluminium Table Sets For 10 Or More People

Aluminium Garden Table Sets


Will aluminium garden table sets work on your patio?

In the UK the average patio size is 3m2 and is referred to as a ‘safe’ size by most house builders. This size gives you sufficient space for Outside Edge metal garden table sets that seat 10 and maybe even 12. This will depend on the other things you want in that space. It won’t overwhelm the garden and will ‘fit’ the usual proportions of a 3 to 4 bedroom house. However, this is only a general guide.

The focal point of your garden could be a great patio, which provides a beautiful and practical space where the entire family can enjoy a nice summer day outdoors. You can always make it bigger if you are building a new patio or are thinking of renovating your current patio.

Begin by asking yourself what the purpose of the new patio will be. How do you see you and your family using it? How will you position it for privacy?

Do you like entertaining friends and family? We suggest going as big as the property will permit. Not into gardening? Consider putting down cobblestones or paving the area. I did this a few years ago and I have no regrets.

There are always containers and hanging baskets if you get the gardening itch. You can add color, it is easier to maintain and you can change up things whenever you want.

We get a lot more flexibility when friends come over for BBQs and we don’t have to worry about the grass getting trampled or mowing it every two weeks.

What are the right size metal garden table sets for you?

Getting rid of the lawn isn’t for everyone. Many people love the lawn, therefore finding a good balance between hardscaping and lawn is key. The balance has to work with how you plan to use the outdoor space.

Some homeowners, however, do accommodate larger groups on the patio occasionally. Of course the vast majority of the time you will only be entertaining two to four people, but you want to have the option to entertain larger groups outside and that extra patio space would be useful.

When you combine that with an outdoor extending dining set for a large group, you have the best situation possible.

Will the 10+ seater aluminium set fit your space? Does it really have to be that big? You need to have this answer before going to Outside Edge and clicking on the 10+ seater to buy it. Think about what you really want.

How many people are going to be seated? How do you and your family plan on using the patio? You will get a better idea of perfect cast aluminium garden table sets by answering those basic questions.

You probably only need a 4 or 6 seater if you plan to use the patio for the occasional meal with another couple. An outdoor sofa or bistro set is perfect if it is only the two of you enjoying a coffee on a sunny day.

Space for a few people will only require a bistro table, 4 seater set or maybe a 2 seater outdoor sofa with a coffee table will fit perfectly on a 3m2 patio and you will still have room for a BBQ and some planters.

But if you go any bigger you will have problems squeezing everything in the space. And in my opinion, it looks really bad when you see tables and chairs partially on and off the patio.

If space allows, it might be a good idea to set up a formal outdoor dining area that had a 4 seater set along with a sofa for lounging. Use planters to divide the patio as you would divide any other indoor room.

But if you will be having lots of friends over for BBQs and drinks, then the 10+ seater dining set is the best option. Once everyone is seated comfortably at the large table, good times will flow naturally!

How do you measure for the right size outdoor dining set?

Start out by calculating how much free space you have. That way you can see what will fit in the space. Make allowances for the chairs too, not just the table. The Outside Edge website has all these details on each product page.

Most chairs irrespective of the material they are made of or the style will take up approximately the same floor space. For instance, ours is about 60cm2 But, keep in mind that people will have to move around comfortably when others are seated and there has to be enough space for the chairs to pull out.

If you are still not certain, just measure the free patio space you have, give us a call and we’ll let you know what works best. Contact us via our email form or via phone number 01582 840 717.


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