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10 Seater Garden Table Sets & The Main Types Of Patio Furniture Material

10 seater garden table sets in the UK are made from a variety of natural and man-made materials, each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Metal Patio Furniture

The main benefits of metal 10 seater garden table sets include its durability, hardwearing abilities, an array of styles and the fact that not much maintenance is required. Most metals, mainly aluminium, in the UK now come coated with special paint to make them more rust-resistant and durable.

Metals can be bent into a variety of shapes to make styles from modern to classic designs. Along with the above advantages, a number of other features can be added like table extensions, folding action and stacking ability.

You need to take the weight into consideration and it will vary depending on the metal that was used to make any 10 seater garden table sets.

Cast aluminium furniture like our Kensington Firepit Grill & Ice Oval 10 seater set is sturdy but relatively light. On the other end is steel which is the strongest, but also one of the heaviest metals. Steel is not recommended if you plan to move around the furniture in your garden fairly frequently.

Wrought iron furniture is still available, however, it is expensive and what you are actually paying for is a unique handcrafted piece of furniture. It has a rich history and it isn’t made en masse in factories.

The disadvantages of wrought iron, besides the price, are that it might require re-painting/sealing to prevent rusting if it isn’t powder coated. Also, it is three times heavier than cast aluminium.

Timber Garden Furniture

The natural look of timber is priceless and in the right location it is stunning and for these reasons, it is still popular for making patio furniture.

Timber doesn’t get hot like metal if it is exposed to direct sunlight. It is also sturdy, robust and won’t blow away in high winds. Our 10 seater garden table sets come with a free parasol to prevent the metal from getting too hot.

The disadvantage of timber is that it is heavy, much heavier in comparison to PVC and cast aluminium. This makes it difficult to shift around the garden.

It also has to be well maintained as we mentioned earlier. To protect it from the sun and rain, timber has to be treated yearly with stain or oil. The timbers that are the most weather resistant like teak, redwood and cedar require much more maintenance than our aluminium 10 seater garden table sets.

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