BBQ Champ

BBQ Champ

The winning formula – The Great British Bake Off steps outside onto the patio, with Mylene Klass as a swankier Mel-and-Sue, Man v Food star Adam Richman and British chef and restaurateur Mark Blatchford who says: “As a chef and a bloke I’ve been cooking over and in charcoal and wood for the past 15 years. It is without doubt the tastiest, most versatile and yet most natural cooking method there is.”

No surprise that the team at Metal Garden Furniture HQ are all fans of a great British Barbie.  We don’t need any excuse to pull up an aluminium garden chair and try out our latest ranges of metal patio tables and cast garden furniture!  Of course, we’ve long been addicted to Mary & Paul’s Bake Off, but ITV’s BBQ Champ is certainly filling a gap in our entertainment this August.  It’s amazing to think that those seriously complicated menus can be cooked on such basic equipment, but what BBQ Champ has demonstrated time and again is that the only limit to what can be done is the imagination of the cook.

It’s a far cry from the usual assortment of burgers and bangers.  They’ve shown us Sunday roasts, fancy kebabs and beach-party fare, plenty of food for thought for wannabe kings of the garden grill.  Food that wouldn’t look out of place on one of our top of the range rectangular aluminium tables!  So, once you’ve selected your metal outdoor furniture, catch up with BBQ Champ and get inspired.  The more interesting and inspiring your food, the more you’ll want to cook outdoors, and the more you’ll use the new metal garden furniture.  It’s a win, win.

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