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Black Metal Garden Furniture – We have a new range of black outdoor furniture!

Painted black metal garden furniture is having something of a moment.  For years, slightly ornate aluminium garden furniture has been consigned to the sun terraces of slightly old fashioned country house hotels and Miss Marple style maiden aunts, but suddenly it’s becoming almost trendy.

A quick tour around the recent Chelsea Flower Show is usually a barometer of garden furniture taste, and the shabby chic, painted metal look was very much in evidence at this year’s event.

Black Metal Garden Furniture – Shabby Chic

The explosion in vintage or vintage style furniture has led to a craze for everything painted (and if it’s chipped, so much the better).  And whatever goes indoors is sure to find its way outside before long.  So, is a black garden set for you?

Black Metal Garden Furniture – Advantages

Black garden tables and chairs have all the advantages of modern aluminium patio furniture, about which we’ve written extensively on this site.  Maintenance becomes a thing of the past – the garden furniture will not rust or degrade and won’t need hose downing or oiling like wooden sets.

They also have the advantage of being relatively light which makes them not only easy to transport but unlikely to be thrown around by high winds.  That might sound like a contradiction in terms but cast garden furniture offers plenty of channels for strong winds to travel through, and doesn’t offer the resistance of solid structures.  A black set won’t be bleached by the sun or damaged by the frost – it can stay outside happily whatever the season.

Black Metal Garden Furniture – Modern in Nature, Antique in Style

However, modern in nature, a  black metal garden set is more antique in style which can be just what you want in your garden.  The black painted look lightens any decorative scheme and sits happily in a traditional setting.  If you live in a character property, you probably want your patio furniture to compliment the timeless charm of your home.

Black Metal Garden Furniture – Perfect for Celebrations

If you are planning a special party – for an anniversary, a christening or even a wedding, nothing looks finer than the elegant sophisticated painted lattice look.

Black Metal Garden Furniture – French Savoir Faire

Wherever you live, you may want to create a garden environment that reminds you of Mediterranean holidays and this garden furniture’s certainly got a continental vibe going on.  Add a few pots of scarlet geraniums and you can recreate the feel of a French café.  Remember, the French are known for their good taste, so who can argue with that?


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