Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night With Garden Furniture

It is as if the Halloween spirits took away the last warmth of the year and we’ve been thrown straight into typical November weather.  It’s cold; the days are grey and the skies darkest black before the end of the working day.  We need another pagan festival to cheer the spirits and so of course our thoughts turn to bonfires,  and to November the 5th in particular.  Bonfire Night is one of my favourite nights of the year. What a perfect time to burn your old wooden patio table and chairs and buy new rattan garden furniture – bonfire night with garden furniture night combined!

Bonfire Night With Garden Furniture

Here at garden furniture towers, we love a good bonfire.  We are surrounded by trees so there’s always plenty of wood to burn, plus cuttings and random bits of stuff.   We’re always careful not to set light to a pile of wood that has been left undisturbed for any length of time – we don’t get hedgehogs in the garden but other little creatures might be nesting inside.  The key thing with a bonfire is to maintain it once it’s lit – that means lots of ‘sides to middle’ as my dear neighbour always says.  If you constantly rake in the unburned ends it will keep the fire fuelled nicely and it will probably glimmer all night.

Bonfire Night With Garden Furniture – Fireworks

We don’t do fireworks in at home – we’re lucky enough to have a marvelous display over the fields and there are too many small creatures closer to home who might not enjoy it.  We do like to make the annual bonfire night firework display into something personal though with a bit of home-style entertaining to kick it off.  It’s another chance to lounge around on the rattan patio set!

We get some friends round, mull some cider and light up the sparklers.  The brilliant thing about rattan garden furniture is that you haven’t had to store it away; and it won’t feel chill to the touch.   It remains welcoming whatever the weather.  So grab some travel rugs for your guests, and hand round the warm cider.

Bonfire Night With Garden Furniture & Food – Here is what we’ll be enjoying this year:

Double-baked jacket spuds.  Bake them, scoop out the innards.  Mix this fluffy potato with some cheese and fried bacon, with a knob of butter to bind it all together.  Pop back in the oven and yum!

Spicy Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup.  Chop an onion and fry in butter with some cumin, add cubed pumpkin and sweet potato and fill the pot with veg stock.  Simmer until the roots are soft.  Then blend.  Season with grated lime.  A wonderful filling soup.

Nigel Slater’s Sausage Danish which uses a ready rolled sheet of puff pastry.  Onto this spread 400g sausage meat leaving a border round the edge.  Scatter over some fennel seeds (2 tablespoons).  Brush the edges with beaten egg.   Then roll the short sides of the rectangle towards the middle, until they meet there.  You need to do both sides at once.  Brush with egg again and press the rolls together.  Cut into 8-10 slices about an inch thick.   Place each slice flat on a sheet and brush with egg again.  They’ll be cooked when risen and golden – in about 10-15 minutes.


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