Why Buy Metal Garden Furniture ? This client was so happy with her aluminium furniture that she repeated her order!

Why Buy Metal Garden Furniture?

Here is a satisfied customer, who on several occasions has bought metal garden tables and aluminium chairs, and this is why she suggests it’s a good idea to buy metal garden furniture from us.

Mrs Stapleton says: “Hi Richard, I have MS :(, so I’m home a lot!! Hence I really enjoy having coffees Al Fresco, winter & summer, in our small but sunny garden, or friends come around occasionally, for beers & wine :)….”

Mrs Stapleton buys our metal garden furniture because of these reasons:

We sell good quality, low care cast metal products.

Sole license with manufacturers allowing us to buy metal garden furniture at competitive prices; this would be impossible if we sourced patio furniture from UK wholesalers. Conceived in Cape Town, our metal patio furniture is timeless, chic and and robust. If you buy metal garden furniture from Outside Edge you will receive your products when promised and there is virtually no assembly needed (usually the aluminium patios tables are flat packed to reduce delivery costs).

  • superior manufacturing practices and new metal  (recycled aluminium will suffer from lack of structural integrity)
  • aluminium cannot deteriorate, it will never rust unlike iron or sub standard stainless steel
  • no need to store in the winter
  • most seating will stack
  • easy to clean with a hose down
  • classic design style
  • unlike wood there is no oiling to maintain colour
  • the powder coating repels sunlight
  • aluminium garden chairs and tables are low weight but strong

Buy Metal Garden Furniture Because Of Our Superior Production Techniques!

Our cast aluminium outdoor furniture will out last you because:

  • clean moulds produce fine mouldings
  • aluminium oxide will not form as all of the metal is powder coated
  • oven baked surface so all weather treatment lasts
  • thorough chemical etching before coating to ensure adhesion
  • superior packaging to eliminate transit damage

Iron furniture is not in our range as it deteriorates when in contact with water, it weighs too much and this ferric metal is brittle.

So, like Mrs Christine Stapleton, start collecting our products and buy metal garden furniture today!

Patio Furniture Update:

Christine added to her purchases again, she has just bought our Sandbanks rattan garden sofa set – she asked for delayed delivery because she was away on a cruise and of course this was no problem!


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