Buy Metal Patio Furniture?

Buy Metal Patio Furniture?

This is why you should buy metal patio furniture, especially aluminium: the advantages include durability, hard-wearing, variety of designs and very low maintenance. Furthermore, most metals currently being used in the UK are rust protected making them more durable and resistant to degradation.

Metal garden furniture has a variety of styles from classic to contemporary and it also has additional features like table extension and folding chairs that stack.

Weight should be an important consideration and it will vary drastically depending on the metal that is used.

For example, our cast aluminium furniture like our 6 seat patio sets set is sturdy but also lightweight.

Buy Metal Patio Furniture – Solid Steel

Steel is the strongest of the metals but it is one of the heaviest too. If you will be moving your metal patio furniture around the garden often, solid steel is not the best option.

Buy Metal Patio Furniture – Cast Iron

Wrought iron, which is one of the first metals used for patio furniture is also beautiful like the classic Coalbrookdale  Bench.

Wrought iron is still available today but it is fairly expensive, you are essentially getting an item that is hand crafted. It has a long history and it is rarely made in a large factory on a mass production basis.

Besides the cost, one disadvantage of wrought iron is that this ferrous metal will definitely need to be repainted often. If it is not treated, iron will rust and it is much heavier compared to metals like cast aluminium.

Buy Metal Patio Furniture – Outside Edge Aluminium Range

Our sets of cast aluminium garden furniture come with chairs and a table. Accessories like cushions for the chairs, parasols and umbrella bases are also available. Sets are available to accommodate 2 people, 4 seat patio sets, 6 seater garden sets, 8 seater outdoor sets and for 10 people or more.

Glass table tops are also an option with our rattan garden furniture. Buy metal patio furniture sets to suit the space you have available. Also take into account any other garden furniture that you might want to include on the patio, that will reduce the amount of space for the standard aluminium table and chairs.



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