Cast Metal Garden Furniture – Care Advice

How To Maintain Cast Metal Garden Furniture

It is important to care and maintain your cast metal garden furniture from Outside Edge, or from any another reputable aluminium manufacturer. Your investment in our metal patio furniture is one you should enjoy for many summers, not just for a couple of years.

It is not unusual for cast aluminium to last 20 years and, with a bit of regular tender loving care, it might even go up to 30 years. Our cast metal garden furniture was built to withstand the harsh elements; all you need to maintain it is just washing occasionally with warm soapy water and then rinse thoroughly & dry with a soft towel.

A bit of common sense is all that is needed to maintain your cast metal garden furniture in like new condition, but customers have made some big mistakes previously. The metal garden furniture by Outside Edge was made to be left outdoors, however like anything exposed to the elements, it can get dirty from the build-up of grime, bird droppings for instance. Therefore protecting it is important.

It isn’t possible to just sand and repaint aluminium furniture, unlike what you can do with timber.

However, there shouldn’t be a need to. One hundred percent aluminum won’t rot or rust. This will safeguard the cast aluminium furniture; therefore there is little long term deterioration. Outside Edge’s cast metal garden furniture is designed to be left outdoors in any weather conditions, including snow!

We have already mentioned keeping it clean with warm soapy water. Don’t use abrasive sponges or brushes or corrosive chemical cleaners. The way you treat your car is the way you should treat your aluminium furniture. I actually clean my Outside Edge furniture with my car cleaning kit on a regular basis.

Car shampoo is ideal and the leather shammys are great for drying off the patio furniture. A coating of fine car polish/wax provides added protection and keeps the furniture looking brand new.

Stone chips can lead to bigger problems, so carefully inspect your cast metal garden furniture paint for them. The feet of tables and chairs are the most common spot for marks to develop, especially if the furniture was dragged on patio stones. All you need to fix the problem is some touch-up paint. It is very important you make the simple repair as soon as you see it.

Our cast metal garden furniture range includes 2 seater sets or bistros, 4 seater combos, garden dining sets for 6, sets specifically for 8 people or settings for 10 guests or more. Of course we have round, rectangular or oval aluminium garden tables and fire pit settings.

If you wish to change any of the cast metal garden furniture combinations on our website please call us for prices and availability. 01582 840 717


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