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Metal Garden Furniture Blog

Metal Garden Furniture Blog – Why Outside Edge? The metal garden furniture blog at Outside Edge has been active for about 6 years now and there has been a considerable amount of time invested in publishing content. Let me talk a bit more about why we publish our metal garden...

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Metal Garden Furniture Shows

Metal Garden Furniture Shows You must visit these metal garden furniture shows in 2018. At Outside Edge, we were always enthusiasts of home and garden exhibitions which contain aluminium patio furniture and in fact anything to do with the garden! These exhibitions are a great opportunity to market our products...

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Shelter With Style

Shelter with Style The problem with our weather is of course its unpredictability – not such a problem for most, but for those of us who want to get the most out of our metal garden furniture, it’s a serious consideration.  Sitting down to eat round the aluminium garden table...

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Metal Garden Furniture Cushions

Metal Garden Furniture Cushions So you want some new outdoor furniture… Seems like the choices are endless – from the material – will it be rattan, wood or aluminium; to the size and shape of the set – are you looking for a circular patio set for six or an...

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Pest Free Garden Dining

Pest Free Garden Dining  We’ve been waiting for the Summer Holidays for so long – the patio’s been brushed and the fabulous new metal garden furniture has arrived.  There’s gas for the barbecue and plump new cushions for the sun loungers; even the weather is holding out.  But sure as...

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Boxing Clever – Garden Furniture Storage Solutions

Garden Furniture Storage – Boxing Clever  A couple of weeks ago we were at one of the old, traditional country shows which used to be the best way to showcase outdoor furniture in the days before the World Wide Web.  Sitting back in the odd quiet moment, enjoying a few...

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The Pastel Trend

Now that the romantic deep reds of Valentine’s Day are safely behind us, the shops and lifestyle magazines begin to herald the coming of spring with displays of soft greens, chick yellows and pastel pinks. With such a wide variety of covetable accessories on offer, why not bring the springtime...

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