Heavenly Hellebores

Heavenly Hellebores – Metal Garden Furniture As I look out of my office window, the sun hits the patio with its cast aluminium garden furniture glistening in the sun. Just beyond the paving area is a huge flower bed resplendent with all sorts of varieties of heavenly hellebores which set...

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Spring Clean … the Patio!

Spring Clean Cleaning is in the air making it the perfect time to spring clean your patio. That way when the sun shines and folks come round, you are in a position to make the most of your outside space. Spring Clean – Jet Wash The principles of patio-work as...

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family business part 15

Part 15 In a series of confidential lunches, everyone’s eager to hear how Brenda’s going to get the Family Business back on track.  But Brenda doesn’t realize that walls have ears, or that the Buck & Fart has a spy …   To: Rosa From: Laura Date: 28 January Subject:...

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