Cheap Garden Furniture At The Apprentice House – is this what the contestants aspire to?

Sugar Shock

In the 2014 garden at the Apprentice House, why have the show’s designers chosen such awful, cheap garden furniture and tacky patio furniture?The furniture is made of low quality wood which will crack and fail! Surely they should have specified maintenance free contemporary rattan garden furniture or metal patio furniture, to match the house’s modern interior. Come on Lord Sugar get with it!

20 Common Flaws With Inferior Outdoor Furniture

At Outside Edge we only offer high quality garden products, but many websites will cut corners to produce cheap garden furniture. Here are some pit falls to be wary of:

  1. Light and weak metal tubular frames.
  2. Cheap and thin textaline – Chinese woven plastic tears and fades.
  3. Inferior plastic fittings instead of strong brass, aluminium or stainless steel.
  4. Low cost soft wood which cracks and quickly falls to pieces as opposed to correctly dried teak furniture.
  5. High maintenance raw materials like cheap plastic.
  6. Frames made of cheap metal alloy rather than rust proof aluminium.
  7. Loose rattan weave.
  8. Check whether glass table tops are tempered to avoid cracking.
  9. Make sure that a  glass top has enough webbing to support the weight.
  10. Nylon feet must be present to avoid chipping and patio scratching.
  11. Reclaimed metal, especially aluminium, is very hard to weld as any impurities affect the melting points.
  12. Avoid painted metal, even exterior paint will crack and fall off – look for powder coating.
  13. Cheap garden furniture often has bad packaging which causes high delivery damage.
  14. Make sure any moving parts are accessible for oiling (e.g. Lazy Susan).
  15. It is essential that the cushions are zipped so that the covers can be washed.
  16. Is the parasol canopy removable so it can be replaced or cleaned?
  17. How heavy is the parasol base, will it secure the garden umbrella?
  18. Do the chairs stack for easy storage?
  19. Are there hidden delivery charges?
  20. Flat packed chairs can be a nightmare to assemble!

So, if you avoid the above you can be sure that you will NOT be buying cheap garden furniture that will not last!



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