Choosing Metal Garden Furniture – Is it the best Option?

Choosing Metal Garden Furniture – Is it the best Option?

Choosing metal garden furniture  is no doubt one of the best options if the chair and tables are manufactured with aluminium. With a huge selection of garden furniture available, a garden furniture buying guide will be very useful in helping you select the perfect furniture for your needs.

Choosing Metal Garden Furniture – What’s The Priority For Your Garden Needs?

Always begin by looking at your available space and how you can optimize it. Will you be using it for entertaining and eating for 6 people? Then you will need a 6 seat dining table and chairs. Will you be using it for just relaxing and reading? Then a sun lounger might be the best option. Perhaps you can set up your outdoor space to take advantage of both uses. You might want to include something the kids would love too. Really think about the kind of garden furniture you want and create a list. Will it be a small metal bistro set or a full-size 10 seat aluminium dining set? Swinging hammocks or aluminium benches?

Choosing Metal Garden Furniture – Always Measure Before You Buy

Before buying any kind of patio furniture, you have to know how much space you are working with. Record the dimensions of the space you have available and be sure to take a measuring tape to the store with you when looking for new garden furniture.

Small balconies and patios, which will be dwarfed by big garden furniture, are more suited for light folding metal or wood furniture. The opposite is also true, small furniture sets like aluminium bistro sets are not well suited for big patios.

The shape of the furniture is just as important as the size. You want to be able to walk around your metal garden furniture comfortably and according to the type, have the ability to easily store it.

Choosing Metal Garden Furniture – Maintenance Considerations

Give great consideration when selecting the material for your garden furniture. You want to be enjoying the weather and the furniture instead of cleaning or painting it. So how easy is it to clean? How often will I have to paint it?

The most popular materials used for making garden furniture – A guide

Choosing Metal Garden Furniture Aluminium

Outdoor furniture made of aluminium is lightweight, rustproof, simple to clean and doesn’t need any extra treatment or painting. Since it is lightweight, we suggest keeping it indoors in winter to extend its life. You need to consider this if you have little or no storage space or no garden shed. Aluminium garden furniture usually folds flat or the chairs are stackable and so are easy to store. Keep in mind that cushions add extra comfort to aluminium patio furniture.

Choosing Metal Garden Furniture – Steel & Wrought Iron

You get a classic look with wrought iron or steel along with strength and durability. These heavy duty and sturdy materials will have to be painted occasionally. It is heavy and not easy to move around the garden, but it doesn’t have to be stored indoors. Putting it directly on the lawn isn’t a good idea as it will be tricky to mow around. For the maximum comfort, consider using cushions with this metal garden furniture.

Choosing Metal Garden Furniture – Aluminium Or Synthetic Rattan

Constructed of woven plastic strands, synthetic rattan is resistant to the elements, lightweight, simple to clean and doesn’t require any painting or treatment.  Besides being low maintenance, it is also frost, UV and water resistant, which will help to maintain the color. Rattan furniture also comes in comfortable and ergonomic designs. However, be careful as there are many different quality levels with rattan garden furniture.


A cheaper option is plastic or resin garden furniture, which is often low maintenance, lightweight, relatively cheap and weather resistant. However, some do fade and crack, if they are exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods. For the best comfort, go with designs that have a high back design.


Wooden patio furniture blends perfectly into the garden setting and besides being attractive; it does have to be maintained with preservatives regularly. Good choices are weather resistant woods like teak, cedar, cypress and redwood.

Natural Wicker

Natural wicker also blends into the garden nicely; however it is lightweight but not very tough. When not in use, it will have to be stored and yearly waterproofing is required.

Choosing Metal Garden Furniture – Check the Textiles

All cushions or other materials used to cover your garden furniture should be weather resistant and repel water. That way your patio furniture will remain mould free, clean and in good condition. Using an indoor cushion outdoors might be comfortable but it will take in moisture and will deteriorate quickly. Outdoor materials are often UV protected, waterproof and fade resistant. Patio furniture with removable cushions is the best option because you can take the cushion indoors when not in use to extend their lifespan.

Choosing Metal Garden Furniture – Storage

To extend the lifespan of metal garden furniture or any other material, it is a good idea to store it indoors during the autumn and winter months. If your storage is limited, go with foldable garden furniture or ones that can be dismantled. Another option is to go with outdoor furniture that can be left outdoors all year with stacking chairs.

Choosing Metal Garden Furniture – Invest in Quality

Ideally, garden furniture should be durable and provide value for years to come. This is why it is important to invest in quality garden furniture that is comfortable, durable and stylish. Keep a close eye on weak points, hairline cracks and bad welds.

Don’t forget the Shade

Sitting in direct sunlight on sunny days might be uncomfortable, so it might be a good idea to buy a parasol. They come in a variety of sizes and colours. Some include a handy crank for easy opening and tilting. You are also able to tilt and adjust the parasol for the best coverage from direct sunlight.

Try Before You Buy

Seeing and touching the garden furniture before buying is always a good idea. Check out your local Outside Edge store to get a first hand feel for the quality and comfort of the patio furniture we supply. We specialise in metal garden furniture made with aluminium and rattan patio furniture.

Why Buy Metal Garden Furniture From Us?

Aluminium garden furniture is rust proof and will not rot.

Maintenance free.

Extended lifetime guarantee – no need to replace every 3-5 years like plastic, cheap wood and other inferior materials.

It is designed to remain outdoors all year round.

Please call us if you have any questions when choosing metal garden furniture 01582 940 717.


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