Christmas Tree Guide – here is some good advice to heed before you buy that Xmas tree.

Christmas Tree Guide

How do I choose the perfect Christmas tree?

Christmas is getting closer by the day and it won’t hurt to have a few tips handy when it comes to buying, so use our Christmas tree guide.

Whatever tree you decide to go for bear in mind these key points:

  • How fresh is the tree? The way to tell is to bounce and shake the tree on the spot to see how many needles fall to the ground. Or you could try an alternative method which may be slightly more effective, grab a branch and run it through your hands and then observe how many needles fall off.
  • Check the general aspect of the tree: do the branches look symmetric on both sides of the trunk; also check if the tree trunk is straight.
  • Take your tape measure. Always measure everything before you buy. Make sure know the dimensions of the area in the room where you are going to put the tree.  Do not forget to take into account the space that any furniture might occupy in the room. We think this is the most important aspect of the Christmas tree guide.
  • A lot of Christmas trees go through very long journeys to get to your local garden centre or nursery (unless they’re grown directly there). Consequently, the point where the tree was chopped off might have healed over, making the cut thicker and less absorbent to water. The trick is to cut an inch or so above the base and then place the tree in some water to extend its life.
  • Always buy a good quality tree stand with an integral water container. The tree will stay in position and be fed water properly. The stand should last you many years to come.

Have a Merry Yuletide and we trust our Christmas tree guide has been enlightening.


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