Containers for Every Style

Containers For Every Style

Containers For Every Style – Ok, so you’ve spent a long time deciding on the perfect garden furniture for you. You’ve weighed up the merits of cast aluminium tables versus rattan patio sets, you’ve admired the grain on wooden benches and given the lazy susan a twirl, but don’t stop there. If you don’t pay as much attention to the little things on the patio, you won’t get the impression you’ve been after.

Containers For Every Style – Wooden Planters

Wood is easy. If you’ve got a teak garden set at home, it’s easy enough to buy a range of planters in the same wood. If you want to inject colour, painted wood looks very smart and can be changed on a whim. It’s also an ideal way to dress up an inferior product to match your smart tables and chairs. Equally, natural products like terracotta or woven wicker look just as much at home. A few pots of jolly scarlet geraniums and you could almost be in the South of France. If you would rather create the impression of an English stately home, invest in some of those resin planters that look as if they are antique lead.

Containers For Every Style – On Your Mettle

If you’ve chosen metal outdoor furniture in a sleek modern style, your patio area will probably look best with metal planters. You can get a range of finishes and colours to compliment the hue of the tables and chairs. Think smart city bistro and fill chrome and steel angular containers with plants with architectural foliage or a striking colour (such as black leaves). Soften the overall impression with some grasses which will wave in the breeze.

If traditional, painted wrought iron style furniture is your thing, you probably want traditional planting containers. Classic terracotta flowerpots and hanging baskets filled with blowsy petunias and tumbling lobelia will create the fifties vibe. If you can lay your hands on an antique chimney pot, so much the better.

Containers For Every Style – Basket Case

Woven rattan furniture can look odd if you introduce natural woven material such as willow or wicker planters. These will enhance the look of wooden chairs but may not compliment what is in fact plastic weave. If you’ve opted for rattan, you are better to compliment the furniture with a contrasting material unless you are fortunate enough to find rattan woven planters in the same material as your furniture.

For a contemporary look, seek out resin or concrete containers. For something more rustic, glazed pots in jewel shades will give a suggestion of a Tuscan loggia. You can splash out on ceramic ones in a range of prices or go for plastic lookalikes.


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