Corner Garden Dining Sets

Corner Garden Dining Sets, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

The latest trend in outdoor furniture continues our love affair with modular seating and transformative garden products.  The latest new designs take the idea of a casual outdoor sofa and take it to the next level, offering you not only a great place to relax but a table to dine at too.   After all, a lovely rattan corner unit is great for the odd drink in the sun, but what happens when you want to get the family together for a barbecue or garden party?  Are you all going to be eating from a plate on your knees?

The Montego Bay 10 Seat Rattan Set offers the perfect garden dining solution.   By making the seat height at a slightly higher level than is usual for traditional patio lounge sets, it is possible to use the corner rattan sofa unit for dining.  Add in the rattan table, and some stools and a family of 10 can eat in comfort.  Slide the table away when you are done, and use the ottomans as footstools and you can sleep off the feast.

The beauty of this competitively priced rattan corner set is its versatility.  You can mix and match the modules to suit your needs at any time.  One of the resin weave sofas has a built in sun-lounger, and because of the shaped backs to the sofas, they are much more comfortable for relaxing than a traditional garden dining chair.  Somehow spotting an inviting sofa on the patio is much more pleasing that being hit in the eye by the old fashioned table and chairs set up. I suppose it acts more as a bench does, adding something to the garden landscape rather than emphasising its redundancy.

As all of our metal garden furniture and rattan patio sets are made of aluminium or resin weave, you can enjoy all of the above virtually maintenance free!


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