Cover Metal Garden Furniture – protect you outdoor furniture from wild animals!

Cover Metal Garden Furniture

This a salutatory lesson to remind you to cover metal garden furniture. This blog is proof that you must store or cover your metal patio furniture in the winter months, not only to repel the elements but also to avoid pest attacks! So if you buy an all weather cover or put your metal garden tables and metal patio chairs away, your items will last much longer.

Outside Edge has a new range of  all weather aluminium outdoor furniture covers.

Protect Your Powder Coating

Hold on a minute, I thought aluminium outdoor furnishings were maintenance free, why do I have to cover metal garden furniture? The sun’s UV rays combined with the elements will eventually break down anything on earth (well nearly, diamonds are fairly long lasting!). If your metal garden set is properly powder coated, the life of the paintwork is several yearsin the UK if you cover the outdoor dining set in the winter. If you never cover metal garden furniture it will need coating again in seven to eight years. Also you keep the rodents off!

Buy The Right Outdoor Patio Set Cover!

Here are our top tips for buying an all weather canvas to cover metal garden furniture.

  1. Do not buy a plastic cover – polypropylene cracks and fails quickly when exposed to UV rays, this cover type is cheap but after a short while doesn’t work!
  2. Polyester Mix – a mid priced product that is not too expensive and lasts for up to six years – this is our recommended garden product.
  3. Sunbrella Acrylic Canvas – this is the best but most expensive outdoor material you can buy. Garden Furniture covers made from this textile will last 30 years; this is why Sunbrella is used on super yachts!

What Qualities Should A Metal Garden Furniture Cover Have?

  1. Drawstring – make sure there is a cord that can be pulled that gathers the material at the bottom to keep the cover secure.
  2. Eyelets – the cord will be threaded through eyelets, these should be made of stainless steel, brass or aluminium, not plastic which will fail.
  3. Correct size – pretty obvious that the cover should not be loose.
  4. Plastic patio furniture covers are not a good long term option.
  5. Try to buy covers that have weatherproofed seams.

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