Customer Experience & Metal Garden Furniture

Customer Experience And Metal Garden Furniture 

From time to time, we publish case histories to show how we work with customers to fulfil their individual needs.  So, if you are after something a little bit different or live in an awkward place, or can’t see what you are after on the website, we’re always pleased to hear from you.  Chances are, we will be able to recommend a product or service to suit you ideally.

The Brief:

Mrs F called the office from Southern Spain where she has a holiday home.  She had decided to invest in some metal garden furniture to leave out there and didn’t expect to have to buy her set in England.  However, after much research, she had come to the conclusion that the cost of metal garden furniture in Spain was two or three times what she’d expect to pay back home.  Actually, this is the case across mainland Europe, which is difficult to understand.  Fortunately, an exploratory call to the office reassured her that yes, we had an aluminium patio furniture set that would suit her needs, and not only that, we were well used to working with delivery companies to get our products to all parts of the globe.

The Solution:

We were able to recommend a transport company to deliver the metal garden furniture at a reasonable price and called on her behalf to get a quote.  Once Mrs F was satisfied that the cost of delivering the aluminium garden furniture was still going to present a significant saving to her, she was able to concentrate on making her choice.

Mrs F has a square terrace so we recommended the Cape Town metal patio table, a large circular one made to seat 8 guests easily.  To go with that we recommended the Knysna outdoor stacking chairs (stacking chairs take up less room that standalone ones, marking them more economic in freight terms.  Since Mrs F was going to the trouble of importing from the UK, she decided to go for a bit of extra luxury, in the form of high back cushions to go with them.

The Verdict:

Mrs F purchased the Large Metal Round Set  which includes the items outlined above: patio table, lazy susan, garden chairs in solid cast aluminium and high back caramel cushions. She was reassured by the 12 year guarantee – extremely important given that she was taking the patio furniture overseas.


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