Designer Garden Furniture – Why do we love Tom Raffield? This innovative manufacturer makes wonderful patio furniture!


Tom’s furniture designs couldn’t be manufactured on an automated factory production line. His designs are truly handmade and they are both artworks and sustainable, functioning pieces. Tom’s portfolio includes designer garden furniture, relaxer chairs, outdoor tables, wooden benches, lampshades, standard lamps, ceiling lights, side tables, dining tables, floor standing lights, loop chaise lounges, log baskets and loop coat hangers.

Whether you’re looking for a different product size that is offered on his website, or require a completely unique design, Tom can make adjustments to an existing item or accept a commission to produce a piece that fits perfectly into your home.

Tom Raffield ‘s work is Eco-friendly!

His dedicated team handcraft sustainable lighting indoor furnishings and designer garden furniture using the process of steam bending. They always begin with high quality wood and this sustainable timber is mostly sourced from the UK. The timber is steam shaped by hand in their workshop in Cornwall. This is a low energy, environmentally friendly process where the wood is passed through a steam-filled tube. The heated and moist wood becomes malleable and can then be bent into almost any shape. The wood then cools but the shape memory is retained.

Quality Build Process

There are no nasty glues and very little waste. Once the wood has dried out the team hand makes either bespoke pieces or small batches of existing designs. Each product is built with care and stringent quality control to ensure longevity. The stunning and beautiful shapes that are found on the Cornish landscape have always influenced Tom’s designs.

Business Growth

Tom’s business has grown significantly over the past year thanks to investment and dedication. He has built and moved into his new woodland workshop, taken on three additional employees, introduced fresh photography on his state-of-the-art website with a new brand video, as well as revitalising the content of his blog and social media accounts. All this activity has seen the business grow locally and internationally, capturing the attention of interior designers, designer garden furniture retailers and consumers worldwide.

Tom Raffield transforms your home essentials into timeless and contemporary wonders.

Award-winning lighting designer Tom Raffield is delighted to announce a selection of brand new products to his contemporary wooden lighting range.

The Bloom Light utilises petals of bent wood that are arranged into a symmetrical shape around the central bulb. It is available in sustainably sourced ash, oak and walnut and as either a pendant or a floor-standing light.

Tom has also introduced the beautiful and minimalist large white light, which is also available in ash, oak or walnut.

Made from a single loop of wood, and with a glazed white satin interior, this new purist drum pendant measures 54cm in diameter and is a perfect product for hanging in groups in hotels, restaurants or indeed at home. To view his garden furniture and indoor pieces please go to the following website.

Designer Garden Furniture Range

Tom’s outdoor items include wooden chairs, sexy tables and innovative loungers.


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