Family Business Synopsis


Family Business is a fictional blog about a garden furniture firm, Edge’s Outdoor Furniture, inspired by thirty years of listening to The Archers…

The following patio furniture online soap is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to a living person is coincidence and not meant to offend.

Family Business – Cast of Characters

Sophia Edge

The Italian Matriarch. Very much concerned with raising her family of five children, she has always taken a mild interest in the family firm headed up by her husband. University graduate Sophia met her husband while studying at an English language college; Jack was the local bad boy with stunning looks. Somehow she managed to bury her brains, and devote herself to raising her family of five.  When she isn’t cooking, she was often to be found on the golf course with Jack.

Jack Edge

Charmer Jack runs the outdoor furniture firm which he set up with the help of Sophia’s father back in the 1960s. A bit of a wheeler-dealer, he’s always made a good living while sailing rather close to the wind.

Flora Edge

The oldest of the children, not involved in the garden furniture business but managing a nearby Country Club, owned by her very close friend Brenda with whom she’s been having a discreet affair for years.

Lorenzo Edge

Lorenzo has always worked in the firm and appears very close to both his parents. He has a very high maintenance Sicilian wife, Carla, with whom he has teenage twins, Maria and Antonio (known to everyone as Ant). When their father announced he was stepping back from the day to day running of the business, he appointed Lorenzo as managing director.

Rosa Wales

Rosa caused ructions when she married Nick Wales.  Nick had worked in the Edges’ family business as marketing advisor, when he came into a huge amount of family money.  Nick promptly left the business, and set up a rival firm, Sunshine Furniture. Nick and Rosa live in a gorgeous Georgian Rectory in Norfolk with horses, dogs and ducks.  They have two boys, Joe and Freddy, (7 and 9) away at boarding school.

Laura Cooper

Rosa’s twin.  Laura seems to have inherited her mother’s brains and her father’s business nous. She recently rejoined the family firm against her better judgment.  She’s married to Paul, a musician who is often on tour with a middle-ranking orchestra.  They have a 5 year old daughter, Juno and a French bulldog, Maurice.

Massimo Edge

The baby of the family and his mother’s favourite. Massimo never finishes what he’s started and leaves chaos in his wake. Given a title as marketing director, he swans around annoying the warehouse staff and does very little actual work. He has an on/off girlfriend, Poppy, who is the daughter of a business colleague of Jack’s, but that doesn’t stop him playing around and there is always some girl after him.


Flora’s illegitimate son, who has just left his home in Australia to spend time with his birth mother’s family.  Experienced in the outdoor furniture industry, he’s soon part of the family firm – but is it coincidence that he’s turned up now?


Masimo’s on/off girlfriend.  Long suffering and very sweet, she always catches him out, and then takes him back.


Poppy’s dad, a very successful cushion manufacturer and therefore business colleague of Jack’s.  Widowed, he’s always been rather sweet on Sophia but that doesn’t stop him thinking Massimo is absolutely no good for his only daughter.


A Czech teenager who works in the local pub, the Buck and Fart.  One of Massimo’s conquests.

Pearl Edge

Jack’s glamorous older sister, with a good line in leopard print.  A bit of a man-eater!

Flashy Frank

A Mercedes dealer from Leighton Buzzard with designs on Sophia.


Childhood sweetheart of Sophia, he has remained a well loved family friend.  An Italian silver fox.

Alex Garden

An old school friend of Lorenzo’s and ex teenage boyfriend of Rosa’s.  Recently divorced, he’s just moved back to the area.

Uncle Tony

Flora’s brother, a retired priest and everyone’s favourite drinking companion


A Croatian supermodel with a very young baby, Leaf.


Rosa’s ex-Nanny who works for Petra.  The identity of her son Pip’s father is a mystery, but she’s a popular character in the Buck & Fart.

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