Family Business Part 2 – what is this new Australian member of the family like? Perhaps Charlie will be disruptive?

Family Business Part 2 – A Metal Garden Furniture Firm Saga

                                                                          Family Business Part 2

To: Laura
From: Rosa
Date: 27 Oct 2014

Subject: Charlie

Dear Laura

I’ve met Charlie!  Flora brought him down for Sunday lunch.  The boys were both playing rugby away so Nick went to support them, leaving the three of us.  Just as well, since it was mighty odd.   I’ve never really imagined Flora in a maternal role, and while she wasn’t all mumsy (and certainly nothing like our own dear mama), she was really glowing.   They have the same sense of humour and seem really alike.  I know it’s an odd thing to say.  They’ve only just got to know each other properly.  Apparently, Flora’s always kept in touch with his adoptive family, and he’s always known that she is his birth mother, so she’s always been in his life but living half a world away.

Do you remember those occasional buying trips to Oz for metal garden furniture that dad would take her on?  It always riled that she got the best junkets when she’s never shown any interest in the firm but clearly that was when she’d go to visit him.  He seems very well adjusted and very keen to get to grips with the family firm.  I’m beginning to wonder whether Flora put him up to it – invited him to come as a way of getting some control over the business, rather than him suddenly waking up one day and deciding that he’d like to emigrate to the other side of the world where it rains all the time.

I guess I should describe him – he’s a typical healthy outdoorsy looking Australian.  About 6 foot and sandy blonde.  Looks like he’s been in the sun too much but we’ll soon rid him of that!  Actually while it was really weird to be serving lunch to our ‘nephew’ who was almost as old as we are (I think he’s 34!), I must say I liked him.  If he can put Lorenzo in his place we’ll all be the better for it.

It seems he’s been working in the trade – selling to garden centres and so forth for years, so he has very fixed views about why we should be selling more rattan furniture rather than concentrating on aluminium garden furniture.  He even went as far as to say that metal patio sets were passé!   That’s going to go down well with big L.  You know how he loves that old-fashioned French look. Charlie’s got that Ozzie thick skin so I’m sure he won’t hold back on his views.  Interesting times ahead!

Let me know what you think, when you’ve met him,

Rosa xxx

Family Business Part 2

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