February Garden Jobs

February Garden Jobs

The days are getting longer and the bulbs are peeking up all over the place, so it’s time to do those February garden jobs that will stretch into March. There are daffs in the shops and snowdrops in the hedgerows.  We’ve even had some sunny warm weather now and then, so yes, spring really is on its way.  Here at metal garden furniture towers, we’ve made a list of some of the jobs that will really set us in good stead for the busy season ahead.

It is still winter for a week or so, so look after the wildlife and make sure birds have food and somewhere to bathe.

February Garden Jobs – it’s a great time to get chopping:

Prune hardy evergreens, trees and shrubs.

Prune any winter flowering shrubs that have finished, such as winter heathers and any late summer-flowering shrubs eg buddleia.

Now’s the time to attack the dogwoods or other shrubs grown for their winter bark.  Hard prune now to encourage fresh brightly coloured growth.

Prune late-flowering clematis (the ones that bear their flowers on new growth made this season) down to about 60cm above ground.

Winter prune wisteria training in all the growth that you want to keep.  Chop back all the other lateral growths coming off the main stem to two buds.  Wisteria responds well to hard pruning – if left to its own devices, it grows heaps of leaves and fewer flowers.

With winter-flowering Jasmine, prune out some of the old brown wood as soon as the plant has stopped flowering.  This will mean you also lose some green shoots of new wood but it is the best way to renew the plant.

February Garden Jobs – feeding:

Treat the herbaceous borders with a feed of compost or well-rotted manure between plants – splitting and resetting any that need such attention before you do so.

Plants like Solomon’s Seal and Lily of the Valley will respond well to a good mulch of well-rotted compost.

February Garden Jobs – planning ahead:

If you are highly organized, you might start to sew annuals now.

Start off your dahlia tubers.

This is the time to make the most of your snowdrops: divide and plant them in the green.

February Garden Jobs – in the veg patch:

Lime plots if necessary.

Shallots can be planted now – about 15 cm apart in rows that are 23 cm apart.  You should cover them with netting to keep off cats and birds until they have rooted when they are less vulnerable to being tweaked out.

Start off your seed potatoes.

Trim the tops of raspberry canes so that they cannot wave around over the top supporting wire.

February Garden Jobs – a great time to be planning:

It’s still a good time for major structural planting; to get in trees or shrubs and bushes, even fruit trees.  If you planted a tree over the past few weeks, it is worth checking on it and firming it in – frosts may have lifted it.

Now is a good time to really think about how you use your garden and whether your existing metal garden furniture enhances your experience.

Perhaps a metal bench is just what you need to enjoy a favourite view?  A cast aluminium bench is maintenance free and easy to move; it will look after itself and so can be placed somewhere quite inaccessible.  It might be that by moving your metal garden table and chairs to another end of the patio, you free up more usable space for other things.


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