Festive Bouquets & Floral Displays

Festive Bouquets & Floral Displays

A Christmas festive bouquet can really set off your interior decorating scheme – but winter floral displays are not limited to the festive season.  A fabulous floral arrangement will bring cheer to the home at any time in these winter months.   Arguably, it is exactly at this time of year that we really need to bring flowers into the home.

So, why not go for something a little more exciting than the traditional holly and ivy?  Take your inspiration from the best florists and see if you can’t do better than a few dark red roses this year.

Limit Your Colour Palette For Festive Bouquets

Whites, pale greys and greens always look fresh and classy.  As well as white roses and dainty, snowy gypsophilia, there are plenty of other white flowers worth including in a display such as ranunculus.  I’ve noticed (and bought) some wonderful white hydrangea heads recently.  Throw in some thistles or sea holly, for a bluey-green hint and the whole thing will look very wintery.

Striking Contrasts

If you do want a traditional arrangement of dark scarlet and deep ruby reds, it is worth juxtaposing these with some of the wonderful lime green chrysanthemums which come in various sizes and shapes.  I particularly like the little pompom ones and the big spidery petalled versions too.  They look great mixed in with red roses.  Even those flowers we are most used to displaying solo can look at home in a mixed bunch.  Try using a poinsettia as a cut flower in an arrangement, or build your display around some striking amaryllis.

Herald Spring With A Natural Display Of Bulbs In Your Festive Bouquets

If you’ve been organized, you will have put some hyacinth bulbs away in September, to have them ready in flower for the festive season.  If not, no matter; you can pick up containers ready planted with such bulbs very easily, even at the local supermarket these days.    China, woven or glass planters are suitable only for indoors, but you can freshen up your outdoor dining table with an all-weather container of spring bulbs.  True, they won’t be in flower right now, but if you choose to plant snowdrops, they’ll be showing very soon.  Other bulbs which are really worth displaying in miniature are the little scented jonquils – they’ll not only look fantastically cheery on a metal patio table but their fragrance is delightful making them the ideal way to enhance the gardener’s coffee break!

A Variety Of Festive Bouquet Containers Adds Interest 

Whether you are aiming to brighten your home with bowls of spring bulbs, or want to improve the view of the patio, using a variety of bowls and pots will make your display more effective.  Choose a favourite china bowl or odd tea-cups for a vintage style, and plant them up with bulbs covered in a bit of sphagnum moss to complete the look.  A combination of glass and metallic dishes will give you a romantic feel.  Outdoors, terracotta or glazed pots remain a favourite, but you can also get some woven rattan containers that are suitable for life outside.  Depending on what you are growing, you will probably want to choose a container that reflects the nature of the plant; for example, a natural looking group of primroses or jonquil will be best set off by a small wicker container that doesn’t conflict with their dainty look.  Hyacinths look wonderful in glazed pots particularly grouped in massive quantities.  Personally, I always think they look best when you stick to a single colour variety for impact.  If you group your spring bulbs near to a aluminium garden bench or by the front door steps, you are most likely to take advantage of their welcome fragrance.

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