Festive Lighting – get those popular lights as quick as you can or there will be none left in the stores!

Festive Lighting

Advent is upon us and the weather’s just turning frosty in time.  There’s plenty to do of course, but next time you are in the garden centre, or local DIY store, do check out the festive lighting.  All those piles of boxes containing outdoor lights are disappearing like melted snow.  There’s still time to get hold of some fabulous treats for your patio or garden.  Take a look at our selection of the brightest and the best.

Cluster Lights

As seen to great effect at Waddesden Manor, where they seem to adorn every tree and archway, like blinged up mistletoe.   These bunches of 200 LED lights which shoot out from a central core in all directions make decorating a big outdoor tree a breeze.  Best grouped in odd numbers – 5 or 7 per tree, they look simply magical as festive lighting.

Icicle Lights

Living in a Victorian gothic lodge, with sharply pitched roofs and ornate barge boards, these are always a staple of our outdoor decorating theme.   Did you know that these don’t just come in clear, warm white or blue-white options?  You actually can decorate your own fairy castle with pink icicles!

Strings Of LED lights

These are great draped in bushes or spun round smaller outdoor Christmas trees.  A neighbor of ours always decorates a large round topiary bush with a mesh of LED lights with a piece of holly on top – a fabulous Christmas pudding and a real local landmark. A great festive lighting idea.

Perk Up The Patio With Festive Lighting

Just imagine how cheering it will be to look out of your cosy sitting room window to see your patio transformed into a winter wonderland.  If you put some winter flowering pansies in a pretty container on the metal garden table; or even a small table-top fir in a pot, you’re well on the way to using your metal garden furniture as a decorative element in your overall Christmas display.

If you weave some lights onto a pergola or fence, you’ll create a real feature.  If you’ve chosen aluminium outdoor furniture, there is no need to put it away for the winter, so you may as well take advantage of its ability to withstand any weather our climate can throw at it.

Lanterns As Festive Lighting

I gather up all the lanterns I can and cluster them on the steps by the front door.  They make a real impressive entrance feature and raise the expectations of visitors who’ve come to eat, drink and be merry.  These look best grouped in varying sizes and colours.  Even tiny ones with a bit of rust can add to the overall impact of the display.

Quirky Festive Lighting

I’m not talking penguins or polar bears, nor yet bambi but it is true that you can now recreate the most extraordinary scenes in your own garden.  No, I’m happy to leave those cutesy animals to one side, but inject a bit of seasonal good humour in the form of a string of angel lights or perhaps some seasonal stars.

Battery lights make decorating a piece of cake.  What door wreath doesn’t look even better with a little string of lights woven through it?


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