Ice Bucket Bistro Sets – Aluminium Tables With Ice Reservoirs

Ice Bucket Bistro Sets – 10 Year Guarantee

Ice Bucket Bistro Sets Configuration – Please contact us if you require a combination of Kensington chairs and table that are not suggested here, we will calculate a great price for you!

The Kensington ice bucket bistro sets have an ice reservoir to cool your drinks on warm summer days or evenings.

Kensington’s garden tables and garden seats are powder coated with an ‘antique bronze’ colour. The seat & back cushions are included and they are zipped so that the covers can be washed. The caramel coloured cushions are also boxed and piped to produce a cushion that looks better and will not be flat after a few weeks, as the box stitching and high quality thick foam maintains form.

Ice Bucket Bistro Sets – Powder Coating & Aluminium

Our high quality powder coating means that Kensington Ice Bucket Bistro Sets can be left outside for several years before re-painting. Aluminium does not rust like cast iron, so our metal garden sets are totally maintenance free, just use a hose down to clean.

Ice Bucket Bistro Sets – Why Is Kensington Metal Garden Furniture Unique?

When you view different metal patio furniture sites make sure that you check the size of the table, are the table legs thin, is the table top flimsy sheet metal? Is the chair smaller or lighter, can the cushions be washed, how long is the guarantee?

Various Kinds of Cast Aluminum Ice Bucket Bistro Sets

There are three distinct kinds of aluminum that we use when producing ice bucket bistro sets.

Wrought Aluminum

Wrought Aluminum is used to produce Victorian-style furniture you’ll often see in many wrought iron outdoor pieces.

Tubular Aluminum

When it comes to furniture, tubular aluminum techniques are common as it is simple and lightweight to mold.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum patio furniture is created with a process known as ‘casting,’ where molten aluminum is poured into a mold. As such, the most resilient and pure aluminum is produced. Afterward, the cast pieces are bound together, which keeps out elements and the weather. Since cast aluminum is solid, the product produced is heftier than tubular and wrought aluminum furniture. Casting is the approach we use to make our ice bucket bistro sets.

Aluminum garden furniture needn’t be protected or covered like wicker or wood furniture, but we do suggest you store it in a shed or conceal it when not used.

Many cast aluminum ice bucket bistro sets sold in the United Kingdom comes with a powder-coating. This provides the aluminum with its color and aids in stopping the surface from getting dented and scratched while it’s relocated around the garden.

Powder coating has great visual appeal and provides the metal garden furniture with extra durability. That said, some additional care is needed to maintain the look it came with. While offering extra strength and protection, it is capable of getting scratched – particularly the table feet of garden chairs – when they’re relocated from one spot to another.

Much like any metal, aluminum is impacted by moisture and airborne pollution (particularly close to the coast). Pitting and discoloration can occur on the surface. And while aluminum won’t rust, it can oxidize, which can lead to discoloration. Although this won’t impact the foundational dependability of the metal like rust does, it won’t be very aesthetically pleasing after some time.

Ice Bucket Patio Sets Maintenance and Care

For the sake of maintaining the newness of your furniture, you should sanitize it with mild soapy water. The amount of care needed will be contingent on the furniture’s condition. If any thorough cleaning is required, then it is prudent to do this type of sanitizing once the summer ends.

Ice Bucket Bistro Sets


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