Kensington Fire Pit Dining Sets

Kensington Fire Pit Dining Sets – 10 Year Guarantee

Kensington Fire Pit Dining Sets have a fire pit in the middle that is a great patio heater and also an ice reservoir to cool your drinks on warm summer days or evenings. The central pit is also a BBQ grill, so you can cook while entertaining your friends and family.

Kensington’s garden tables and garden seats are powder coated with an ‘antique bronze’ colour. The seat & back cushions are included and they are zipped so that the covers can be washed. The caramel coloured cushions are also boxed and piped to produce a cushion that looks better and will not be flat after a few weeks, as the box stitching and high quality thick foam maintains form.

Kensington Fire Pit Dining Sets – What’s In The Box?

  • An Outdoor Fire & Ice Table With Aluminium Centre Lid (NB If you buy a set with a firepit table)
  • Kensington Dining, Lounge, Or Swivel Chairs
  • Bedrock Coloured Seat & Back Cushions | Boxed & Piped
  • 2 x Steel Bowls | 1 x Charcoal/Wood Plate | 1 x Large BBQ Grill | 1 x Safety Mesh Cover | 1 x Lifting/Cooking Fork (the double bowl metal dining table comes with 4 of these sets)

Kensington Fire Pit Dining Sets – Powder Coating & Aluminium

Our high quality powder coating means that Kensington Firepits can be left outside for several years before re-painting. Aluminium does not rust like cast iron, so our metal garden sets are relatively maintenance free, just use a hose down to clean.

Why Are Kensington Firepits Unique?

When you view different metal patio furniture sites make sure that you check the size of the table, are the table legs thin, is the table top flimsy sheet metal? Is the chair smaller or lighter, can the cushions be washed, how long is the guarantee?

Kensington Fire Pit Dining Sets Maintenance

Though it doesn’t rust, cast aluminum garden furniture can loose its color. At some point, the surface may start to get rough or pitted. Tubular or solid aluminum is impacted by pollution in the air. The exterior surface will look like it has fine grit stuck to it, even though you can’t wipe it away. You’ll notice what aluminum goes through when looking at an aluminum letterbox that’s endured element exposure for several years.

Upon airborne exposure, un-coated aluminum (i.e., what hasn’t been painted) will show a microscopic oxide layer on the outside. This substantially fine layer creates a shield which stops corrosion (and safeguards the metal from elements, too). In comparison, iron garden furniture will (at some point) completely rust through, negatively impacting the foundational integrity. This high quality is quite an enticing feature when selecting material to produce metal outdoor furniture. It can endure all kinds of weather conditions and rain storms. When it comes to outdoor living, metal garden furniture made with aluminium is a reliable choice.

On Going Care Of Kensington Fire Pit Dining Sets

If the surface has just moderately lost its color, apply some mild household acid to it, along with vinegar, lemon juice, or cream of tartar, then clean with water and soap. A majority of water is moderately alkaline, and as such, you should refrain from adding soda or ammonia. Cleanse as required as the season progresses, and cleanse when the season ends. (Don’t forget the darkening of aluminum pans when cooking alkali or low acid foods, since it blackens. It will get shiny when acidic foods like tomatoes are cooked in aluminum.)

Unique Care For Aluminum Garden Furniture

Polish with steel wool pot cleaner filled with soap if the surface is pitted, then rinse and dry. Remove all steel wool, or it will stain the aluminum after rusting. Wash and dry.

Additionally, there are a number of commercial cleaners that can sanitize aluminum surfaces on vehicles and boats, some of which might aid in cleaning severely filthy aluminum. For anodized aluminum, refrain from using commercial cleaners. You can safeguard aluminum from pitting and corrosion with a silicon spray or a coat of car wax.

Coloured Anodized Aluminum

Wash anodized aluminum with some warm water and light washing liquid. Rinse thoroughly.

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Our garden furniture doesn’t rust, won’t rot, and requires little maintenance. Our backyard metal tables and chairs made to endure the conditions each UK season brings.

Kensington Fire Pit Dining Sets


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