Fire Pit Set Metal Garden Furniture – Low Level Lounge Suites

Fire Pit Set Metal Garden Furniture – 10 Year Guarantee

The Kensington fire pit set metal garden furniture has a fire pit in the middle that is a great patio heater and also an ice reservoir to cool your drinks on warm summer days or evenings. The central pit is also a BBQ grill, so you can cook while entertaining your friends and family.

The Kensington firepit, grill & ice set is powder coated with an ‘antique bronze’ colour. The seat & back cushions are included and they are zipped so that the covers can be washed. The caramel coloured cushions are also boxed and piped to produce a cushion that looks better and will not be flat after a few weeks, as the box stitching and high quality thick foam maintains form.

Kensington Fire Pit Lounge Sets – What’s In The Box?

  • An Outdoor Fire & Ice Table With Aluminium Centre Lid (NB If you buy a set with a firepit table)
  • Kensington Dining, Lounge, Or Swivel Chairs
  • Bedrock Coloured Seat & Back Cushions | Boxed & Piped
  • 2 x Steel Bowls | 1 x Charcoal/Wood Plate | 1 x Large BBQ Grill | 1 x Safety Mesh Cover | 1 x Lifting/Cooking Fork (4 sets of these for our largest oval metal firepit table)

Fire Pit Set Metal Garden Furniture – Powder Coating & Aluminium

Our high quality powder coating means that Kensington Firepits can be left outside for several years before re-painting. Aluminium does not rust like cast iron, so our metal garden sets are relatively maintenance free, just use a hose down to clean.

Fire Pit Set Metal Garden Furniture – Why Are Kensington Fire & Grills Unique?

When you view different metal patio furniture sites make sure that you check the size of the table, are the table legs thin, is the table top flimsy sheet metal? Is the chair smaller or lighter, can the cushions be washed, how long is the guarantee?

Fire Pit Set Metal Garden Furniture Benefits

Metal garden furniture is more than just aesthetically pleasing. Each piece needs to be strong enough to endure Britain’s harsh climates. It has to offer optimal value for your hard earned cash. It needs to last for multiple seasons, be functional, and comfortable!

Over the last ten years, we at Outside Edge have seen the metal garden furniture industry substantially improve. At one point in time, cast aluminum was considered to be inferior to iron, wood, and similar materials in the UK.

Of course, things have changed since then. Cast aluminum metal furniture is now a top-seller. This is quite an improvement when you consider that may be costlier than, say, synthetic rattan.

This hardly surprises the staff at Outside Edge, who has spoken highly of cast aluminum garden products time and time again. We believe there are an abundance of advantages that come with metal garden furniture (in comparison to other kinds of exterior furniture). Of course, it can be more expensive, but it will outlast furniture made of synthetic rattan.

The industry has seen substantial enhancements in production, particularly in the aluminum drop die casting process. Nowadays, we can manufacture more detailed cast aluminum furniture pieces that couldn’t be done before without spending an arm and a leg.

Cast aluminum is a very strong material, ideal for metal garden furniture. It won’t rust and warrants little-to-no upkeep. It is durable, but not so hefty that it can’t be lifted and re-positioned.

Assuming you’re not going to purchase teak or a similar costly pre-treated hardwood, you’ll notice that many kinds of metal garden furniture will quickly begin to appear worn-out (particularly if it is kept outdoors). With minimal work, cast aluminum’s pristine shape can be maintained for a long time.

Our cast aluminum metal garden furniture mixes the climate resistance and durability of aluminum with the design adaptability of the hand-casting process.

With enhancements in die casting technology, we are able to produce detailed and sophisticated designs, which at one point were not feasible to create. From trendy latticework to floral motifs, we manufacturer metal furniture that is both gorgeous and timeless.

From modern designs offered by competing retailers, to traditional stylings of the Outside Edge selection, cast aluminum exemplifies true adaptability. Throughout our industry, you’ll discover aluminum garden pieces that accommodate all kinds of preferences.

Why Purchase Fire Pit Set Metal Garden Furniture From Outside Edge?

From a cracked painted finish to shady welding, a thorough assessment will reveal what separates our metal garden furniture from the cheaper ones found at your local hardware store. Choose proper materials for your outdoor chairs and tables, and determine how you intend to use your furniture, along with the amount of time you wish to spend taking care of it.

Fire Pit Set Metal Garden Furniture


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