Metal Garden Sofa Sets

Metal Garden Sofa Sets – 10 Year Guarantee

Our metal garden sofa sets (where applicable) have a fire pit in the middle that is a great patio heater and also an ice reservoir to cool your drinks on warm summer days or evenings. The central pit is also a BBQ grill, so you can cook while entertaining your friends and family.

Kensington’s metal garden sofa sets are powder coated with an ‘antique bronze’ colour. The seat & back cushions are included and they are zipped so that the covers can be washed. The caramel coloured cushions are also boxed and piped to produce a cushion that looks better and will not be flat after a few weeks, as the box stitching and high quality thick foam maintains form.

Metal Garden Sofa Sets – What’s In The Box?  (for Fire & Ice versions)

  • An Outdoor Fire & Ice Table With Aluminium Centre Lid (NB If you buy a set with a firepit table)
  • Kensington Dining, Lounge, Or Swivel Chairs
  • Bedrock Coloured Seat & Back Cushions | Boxed & Piped
  • 2 x Steel Bowls | 1 x Charcoal/Wood Plate | 1 x Large BBQ Grill | 1 x Safety Mesh Cover | 1 x Lifting/Cooking Fork

Metal Garden Sofa Sets – Powder Coating & Aluminium

Our high quality powder coating means that Kensington Firepits can be left outside for several years before re-painting. Aluminium does not rust like cast iron, so our metal garden sets are totally maintenance free, just use a hose down to clean.

Metal Garden Sofa Sets – Why Are Kensington Fire & Grills Unique?

When you view different metal patio furniture sites make sure that you check the size of the table, are the table legs thin, is the table top flimsy sheet metal? Is the chair smaller or lighter, can the cushions be washed, how long is the guarantee?

Aluminum Metal Garden Sofa Sets Must Be Welded Together!

Unlike aluminum patio furniture that is usually created with tubular pieces fastened together, cast aluminum is solid from bottom to top, and therefore so much more robust. The structure is manufactured by molds where the molten metal is channeled in. Cast aluminum patio tables and chairs can display detailed features.

Unlike other forms of metal in our field, cast metal garden sofa sets won’t rust.

If maintained properly, the painted finish will prevent pitting. This is particularly advantageous in the United Kingdom where moisture is prevalent, making it the ideal material for those in Britain.

Since cast aluminum patio furniture is completely solid, it’s very strong and developed to withstand the elements. Our pieces of cast aluminum, if maintained properly, should last for as long as 30 years.

An additional and significant selling point of aluminum garden furniture is the minimal maintenance and care it needs.

For the most part, a garden hose is enough to rinse off the furniture when necessary. For more stubborn dirt like bird droppings and tree sap, some soap and mild water will get the job done.

In addition to sporadic sanitation, a small coat of car wax can be applied to protect and shine the paintwork. Besides that, the upkeep is minimal.

In comparison to other forms of metal garden furniture, aluminum backyard furniture is tough to break or bend. Since it’s not heavy and is rigidly designed, it will be more secure than other kinds of furniture.

With so many styles to pick from, such as modern to conventional, you will find a frame design that is complementary to your garden and home.

The metal garden sofa sets collection offered by Outside Edge Furniture comes with all the pieces you need to coordinate your patio. From swivel rocking chairs to dining tables, side tables to bistro tables, and parasols to sun loungers, we’ll help you find exactly what you need.

The future is bright for cast aluminum garden furniture. Sales are exploding, and our collection is heavily demanded for. With our newfound progressions in production and design, along with our powder coating technology, expect to see some revolutionary styles, designs, finishes, and colors hitting our upcoming collections!

Aluminum patio furniture is quickly becoming the United Kingdom’s most sought-after exterior decor, and it’s not hard to see why. To begin with, it’s strong, versatile, and warrants minimal care on your end.

Unlike cast iron, aluminum doesn’t rust. That said, there is some science behind the production of cast aluminum patio furniture: upon exposure to the elements, aluminum will form a very thin amount of white oxidization on its outer surface. This acts as a shield to safeguard the metal from getting damaged any further by those elements and stops corrosion from occurring (as seen on cast iron).

Metal Garden Sofa Sets


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