Fire Pits

Fire Pits – Come on Baby, Light My Fire!

My own relationship with fire pits didn’t get off to a very promising start.  As purveyors of quality garden furniture, we spend a lot of time sitting around outside entertaining friends and family on the latest models.  So, it was a bit of a no-brainer to give my beloved, a fire pit for his birthday in April, a couple of years ago. Almost as soon as he opened it, the heavens opened and I think we experienced the wettest spring for decades.  No lovely outdoor fires for us!

A Favourite Garden Accessory

Time passed, and the fire pit has actually become one of our favourite garden accessories.  It really does extend the life of your metal garden furniture – so for all those months when it may be warm enough to eat an early supper outside, you can actually snuggle up and keep the party going through the night.  It has the added benefit of creating a focus and providing a bit of traditional romance, if you cook on a gas barbecue as we do.

Fire Pits

It looks as if we’re not alone in falling in love with a fire pit – the Christmas catalogues are brimming with options this year.  We’ve come a long way from that 80s favourite, the chimineria.  Now people seem to want to recreate the beach party vibe, with a real open fire.

Fire Bowls

Fire pits or fire bowls, if you prefer, are ideal for outdoor entertaining or garden parties.  They take the chill off our cool English summers and provide welcome cosiness in the colder months.  Unsurprisingly, they are designed to give off really spectacular heat.  We particularly like the Welsh made ones that are sold by

Indian Fire Pits

So whether you go for simple, open bowl shaped brazier or something more fancy, you can enjoy the warmth and cheering glow of an open fire in your garden.  Indian firepits or Kadai as they are more properly termed, often come with stands of varying heights.  They may also come with an optional grill for barbecuing or with a purpose-made cooking tripod to hang over the top.

Kadai Fire Pits Accessories

This is proper cooking! have a full range of accessories, including a kadai cover if you don’t want your bowl to go rusty.  Personally, I like the weathered look and am happy to leave mine outside all year.

Braziers As Fire Pits

However, if all you want is a grown-up version of the cub scout campfire, and you want a more natural look, simple braziers can look stunning as a simple vessel to hold a pile of logs.   Look around in internet and you’ll discover you can even go for a modernist sleek stainless steel version if that’s your thing.

It’s worth investing in some properly seasoned timber since you don’t want to smoke out your guests.  Or do as we do, and use one of those instant barbecue charcoal filled paper bags to get some real heat into the fire.  Dress it up with some attractive logs for show and the fire will keep you warm as long as you need it.

Kensington Fire Pits

Kensington designed a range of aluminium garden furniture with our help and this range now includes dining and lounge tables that have fire pits in the middle. An accessory pack then converts the middle of the patio table to a BBQ or ice bucket.

View the Kensington fire pit range here….


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