Flowering Plants For Autumn – advice on what to plant this fall with lots of colours and styles to choose from.

Flowering Plants For Autumn

The first rule of Flowering Plants For Autumn is to be bold when you are planting. Stick to a colour theme and plant more than one of each plant. If you don’t, the effect can be quite “dotty”. Keeping plants together makes the colour bolder and more effective – perhaps even try a whole pot of one variety?

Pansies & Violas Are Great Flowering Plants For Autumn

If you are a novice gardener, it’s best to start your planting scheme with pansies or violas for the autumn. Pansies have large flowers about 2 or 3 inches across depending on the variety and they need some sunshine to flower well. They have really appealing “faces”. Violas have much smaller flowers but make up for this with the amount they produce. Sunshine is still important but as the flowers are smaller they need less sun to keep flowering. Both have a lovely velvety texture and are very reliable.

Colour Choices

So what’s the available colour range? There are three main types: the first is mixed seed which gives you a full range of all the most widely available colours. The second type is single colours. These are all the most popular colours and unusual novelties. The final type is a designer mix. This takes three or four colours that blend well together; this may be shades and tones of one colour such as a range of different blues or a colour contrast like orange and black.

Pansies and violas are most often grown in six pack trays but are also available in 9cm pots (roughly the same size as the old 2 inch pot) and will therefore be more mature. These flower well and because they flower more you need less of them.

Small Gardens And Flowering Plants For Autumn

In small gardens you may have to plant mixed pots around your metal garden furniture. If you have a large garden with three or more pots to plant why not try planting one thing in each pot for a change. You can then put the pots together as if you were making a large display. This is really effective and gives a wonderful bold look.

The new Wonderfall Pansy is a super addition to the pansy range. It has softly trailing stems that cascade over the sides of pots and hanging baskets. It is available this year in a wider range of colours. There is also a viola equivalent called Endurio that has been very successful over the last few winters. If you haven’t tried these before give them a go this year, they are very though and free flowering.

Did you know that the more leaves you have the more flowers you will get? So beware of “bargains“ that are all flower and very few leaves!

Double Daises For Flowering Plants For Autumn

For AutumnOne bedding plant that often gets passed over in the rush for autumn flowers are the gorgeous double daisies. These are very highly bred forms of our British lawn daisy with big and bold flowers in white pink or red. They flower in the spring and really add a cottage garden feel to your planters. They look gorgeous growing amongst the violas and pansies!

Foliage colour is vital in autumn to add colour when flowering slows in colder weather. Deliciously scented, variegated thymes, deep purple ajuga, icy silver senecio, bold gold and silver eunonymus, light and bright ivies, pretty lamiums and succulent sedums all give colour no matter what the weather does. They will prove to be the mainstay of your pots.

Don’t wait too long to do you pots, the longer they get to root in, the sturdier they will be. Use high quality compost for bedding like the Hillier Multipurpose with added John Innes. Finally water them in well and sprinkle over a handful of Osmocote fertiliser as this will make the most of any warm weather we do get. Happy planting  around your metal garden furniture!


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