Garden Furniture In The Movies

Wicker Garden Furniture In The Movies

And the Oscar goes to … outdoor patio furniture!

This is our pick of the most iconic Wicker Garden Furniture moments on celluloid.

Fairytale Romance From The 1960s

Truly Scrumptious and that wrought iron garden swing.  What small girl didn’t fall in love with the idea of a swing seat while watching “Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang”?  The painted metal look is one that’s stuck around – plenty of furniture suppliers still offer this ornate French style.  Take a peek at YouTube and wallow in one of Hollywood’s finest English country gardens – it really is the epitome of country garden style.

Coming of Age In Style With Dustin Hoffman And Garden Furniture

Sticking with the sixties, but moving things up a notch or two, we have “The Graduate’s” truly memorable swimming pool scene.  Ok, so it’s mostly famous for Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound of Silence’ soundtrack and Ben’s inflatable lilo but it has to be in here!  Anyhow, take your eyes off the pool to the table and chairs on the patio – looks like they were shopping at the same place as Miss Scrumptious.  Thank goodness things have moved on!

An Accident Waiting To Happen

Sticking with pools, but displaying the kind of traditional, elegant wooden garden furniture you might still find in stores today, we have that great situation comedy – “Meet the Parents”.   We’ve included it in the list more for the laughs than the furniture to be sure but it raises a chuckle every time.  In the pool scene, Ben Stiller’s character is trying vainly to put on a good show during a surprisingly competitive game of pool volleyball.  Overcompensating for his lack of prowess, he succeeds in whacking the bride to be in the face.  This is a perfect example of how not to impress your future in-laws – one of so many in this great comedy.

A Classic Comedy From The 1980s

And we can’t write about pools, without including “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off “.  The scene where Cameron is sitting on the garden chair poised on the diving board before plunging head first in only to be rescued (heroically) by Ferris. This brings back so many memories – not just of this very funny film but also of hideous white plastic garden furniture.  The 1980s.  Don’t you just love ‘em?

Back With The Fifties, Eighties Style

In “Grease”, we get some great picnic tables when the girls gather round while Sandy, played by Olivia Newton-John sings ‘Summer Nights’.  The coolest ever aluminium outdoor tables!  Fifties-style American diners are still as trendy as they ever were, and you can find examples of cafeteria chic from Brighton to Braemar.

1950s Glamour

For true class and timeless luxury, cast your mind back to 1956’s “High Society” with Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly.  When Frank Sinatra sings ‘Mind if I Make Love to You’ check out the fabulous patio lounging chairs – with their thick painted bamboo frames and turquoise cushions.  Everything about them from that typical colouring to each element of their construction screams 1950s.  Design was fun and bold back then – you’d be hard pushed to find poolside patio furniture with so much oomph these days…


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