Garden Furniture At Home – What does yours say about you? Are you making a statement?

Garden Furniture At Home – What does yours say about you?

Are you an urban fashionista or a fully paid up member of the green welly brigade?  Your choice of patio furniture might say more about you than you’d like to think; think about your garden furniture at home.

What does your garden furniture at home say about you? – Old Money

More classic than vintage style, they’re probably eating off a table that their parents bought in the 1960s.    The stately home look involves some properly aged teak taken out a rain forest before anyone thought any better of it.   The beauty of naturally seasoned timber like this is that it really does get better with age and requires little attention.

The patio itself is likely to be crumbling brickwork with some classy planters scattered about under the wisteria.  The furniture is likely to be a mismatched ensemble of inherited pieces.  If there’s a tree big enough, you are likely to find it embraced by a hexagonal tree seat and look for a hammock strung up in the orchard.

Think David Austen roses, tea and scones, croquet on the lawn and the odd gin fizz.

What does your garden furniture at home say about you? – Middle England

The gardens of middle England are bedecked with cast aluminium outdoor furniture in neat sets of six or eight chairs.  Sporting a parasol and matching cushions in a nice sensible cream or natty racing green, this tribe have fallen for the maintenance free, easy to handle option that is modern metal furniture.  Throw in a bench for those refreshing mugs of tea that help with the weeding, and don’t forget the lazy susan obviously!

What does your garden furniture at home say about you? – Yummy Mummies

Always entertaining a mixed crowd of adults and kids, the yummy mummies have fallen for the dining bench and refectory table set-up in a pale wood.  This group are most likely to have barbecue sauce (home-made) on their brightly coloured seat cushions.

They would have chosen a Cath Kidston print if one had been available, but as it is, they’ve had to accessorize their garden furniture with cheerful lanterns and strings of flowery fairy lights.  They supplement their practical eating area with fabric deckchairs in outlandish patterns and oversized garden games like Jenga.  Still trying to keep up with the latest boutique hotel style decorating trend, they’re likely to have a statement rattan daybed or two.

What does your garden furniture at home say about you? – New World Expats

These guys love chunky wooden garden furniture that reminds them of the plantations back home.  Optimistically, they favour sun loungers and decking and are usually to be found knocking back the shiraz among their outsized tree ferns.  Their barbecues are enormous, gas fired portable kitchens capable of grilling a piece of big game.

What does your garden furniture at home  say about you? – Urban Sophisticates

Out through the bifold glass doors from their knocked-through, open-plan living space, and onto the adjoining modern patio area, where the outdoor rattan sofa set nestles round the sleek steel fire pit.  This tribe use their outside space all the time for their socialising and wants it to look as much like their local gastro pub garden as possible.  Instead of a table with a parasol, they go for shade sails.

The professional gardener (urban sophisticates have better things to do than get their hands dirty) has favoured a look based on foliage in muted shades of green and red and if you look carefully, you’ll see that the lawn is artificial.


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