Garden Furniture Exhibition – read this and spot the garden machinery and tools trends for 2015.

Garden Furniture Exhibition

Garden Furniture Exhibition – At the recent Spogagafa fair in Cologne it was obvious that the buzz word was sustainability and customer product satisfaction.

Garden Furniture Exhibition – With the machines and equipment for the garden, the main focus was on eco friendliness and making the gardening experience more fun.

“One of the trends we are starting to see in Europe is concern with consumers about the impact on the environment that outdoor equipment may have. Since 2012 we have been hard at work with the ‘E’ Initiative. We have basically been appraising all of our engines used in our lawnmowers and grass care equipment. We are bringing these outdoor products in line with European standards. In fact, in many cases we have exceeded the guidelines by more than 25%! So this has been a major achievement for us in improving our petrol engines.”

Vincent Bowden, Direct Marketing Europe, Briggs and Stratton AG

Garden Furniture Exhibition – Also since the introduction of the advanced lithium battery, Dennis Jacobsen, Chief Operating Officer at Global Marketing confirms that the garden machine industry has been transformed.

“This is the future source of energy, this is what is going to replace gasoline products, this is going to make life easier for the home owner to maintain their lawns and indeed the whole garden. The new lithium ion battery has the capability to power lawnmowers and all kinds of garden equipment. We are on the cutting edge; we have a range of outdoor products that utilises the chargeable and effective lithium battery. We electronically power lawn cutters, power tools, chainsaws, hedge cutters – we even have electric hose downers to clean your patio or rattan garden furniture.

Garden Furniture Exhibition – Is it not a pain when your garden hose kinks and the water stops or slows? Well Monica Rigoni of Fitt spa has the answer.

“Our patented technology essentially produces a garden hose that will not twist or knot!”

Anyone who has toiled in the garden for any length of time has had fatigue in the back, arms or legs. Is this because the tools were perhaps too small or too short? Often it’s because the tools are not ergonomically designed. Vincent Bowden says:

“I think people are used to products being easier to use and less complicated.  On the end product side we are trying to make the consumer interaction with our outdoor products easier, for example our engines must start first time.”

When interviewed on his stand at the garden furniture exhibition, Dennis Jacobsen gives an example where an improved product makes garden maintenance easier:

“Our eco-friendly battery powered chainsaw has a very low decibel rating and is almost vibration free. It is also a much safer product, from a health stand point it is much better for the individual operator than the traditional petrol chainsaw.”

Garden Furniture Exhibition – For the outdoor techno files there are plenty of new technical gadgets on the outdoor products market.

From clever digital helpers like apps led garden sensors which tell you when you have to water your plants, right up to large machines like robotic lawnmowers that do all the work with great power whilst protecting the environment.

Please watch this informative video which was filmed at SPOGAGAFA, the European outdoor leisure trade show and find out the latest trends for the garden in 2015.


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