Garden Furniture Maintenance

Garden Furniture Maintenance Kit Box Essentials

You don’t need a fancy jet-wash to sort out your patio stuff.  And although I have been known to get the carpet shampooer out to tackle the larger garden cushions, if your kit box contains these handy items, you’ll soon have your metal garden furniture looking as good as new again.

Dust-pan and Brush

Keep a spare dust-pan and brush set for sprucing up your cushions.  This is an absolute must with aluminium patio furniture where you need to get into the weave where cobwebs, dust and debris can collect.

Bucket and Sponge

A bucket of hot soapy water will work wonders on most metal garden furniture.  Add a splash of bleach to get rid of stubborn marks on plastic garden furniture but be careful near upholstery.   A nice soft sponge won’t scratch the surfaces.

Upholstery Shampoo

However careful you are, we all get the odd bird poop or dead insect marking our nice cushions.  Make fabric seats and parasols look their best with specialist upholstery shampoo.  Like most outdoor cleaning jobs, you need to pick a sunny day so your handiwork can dry off properly.  No one likes a damp cushion and you can encourage mildew – which really is hard to get out of outdoor fabrics.

Metal Paint and Brush

Keep your metal garden furniture looking as good as new by touching up the odd scratch or chip with specialist paint. has a really good range of products specifically for covering metal.    Before you paint an area, prepare by rubbing off any rust or dirt with a bit of wire wool to ensure the surface is smooth before painting.

Teak Oil and Rag

The best treatment for hardwood outdoor furniture is teak oil.  Care for your wood and you can keep it looking like new.   Surfaces must be dry before you start, and smoothed off with a fine-grade sandpaper.  Then, the trick is to apply the oil with the rag, rubbing along the grain.  If you are treating wooden furniture for the first time, you will need more than one coat but you must leave the first to dry thoroughly before repeating.

Furniture Restorer

A useful product if you want to bring hardwood back to its original colour.  This will even work if the wood has gone grey-silver.  You paint on the product, leave for approx 15 minutes (follow the manufacturer’s instructions), then wash it off.  When you’ve got the furniture looking like new again, keep it that way with a protective coat.  Both wood restorer and protector can be found at Cuprinol.

Watch this great video on how to ‘Hammerite’ spray your metal garden furniture…


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