Garden Furniture Preparation Advice

Garden Furniture Preparation For Summer

Good garden furniture preparation performed in the autumn will be an advantage soon.  Although it has been cold, wet and windy, the winter was relatively mild and there wasn’t too much snow. Spring is now officially here, at least from the weatherman’s perspective, even if the weather hasn’t caught up.

The evenings are getting longer and the past week has brought a few sunny days. Milder weather will be here fairly soon, and then we can start thinking about garden furniture preparation and preparing our gardens and patios for summer.

Protecting Garden Furniture

Irrespective of the material your garden furniture is made of, you will extend its life if it is covered securely or stored indoors for the winter. Although cast aluminium is fairly weather resistant, it will stay clean if it is covered. Similar to leaving your car outside during winter, it will eventually gather dirt if it is just left outside.

Cast aluminium furniture, like the products from Outside Edge, to timbers like teak will get covered in muck if they are left unprotected no matter how the supplier spins it. We suggest keeping it in a garage or shed. If those are not options, a cover is a great alternative for protection.

The finishes, bolts and joints can be damaged by low temperatures, rain, frost, tree leaves, plants and birds resulting in rot or rust. Irrespective of the material your patio furniture is manufactured from, the winter months can be very harsh on the finishes.

Garden Furniture Preparation Methods

Start with a good wipe down of the garden furniture with warm soapy water, regardless of the material the furniture is manufactured from. Any grime that was accumulated from the previous summer and last winter should be thoroughly removed.

Pressure washers can assist with garden furniture preparation and this will definitely blast away the muck. This might not be the first choice for most people, but we have used this method before and it is a fast efficient way to clean metal garden furniture. In most cases, a sponge and warm soapy water will do the job just fine. Let the sun do the drying. Get a bit more protection and shine by applying car polish or liquid spray on car wax.

Although aluminium patio furniture will never rust, if you prepare it before the winter and just before the spring starts you will minimise any work. The garden furniture preparation though is minimal, storage, covering or a quick wash is all we recommend.


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