Garden Furniture Sale

Garden Furniture Sale – Bagging A Bargain

It might seem incongruous to shop for garden furniture in January, but if you hunt around there are bargains to be had.  The same rules apply as for any sale shopping; follow these few guidelines and you won’t go far wrong with a garden furniture sale.

Cheap Garden Furniture Sale

If something’s really cheap, the chances are it isn’t terribly well built or made to last.  If you pick up a t-shirt for 99p or a jumper for £4.99 in one of the cheaper clothing retailers, you don’t expect it to last more than a couple of washes.  Sometimes that’s fine, but if you are buying metal garden furniture or rattan patio furniture, you will want something that will be fit for purpose for at least one season.  Similarly, with throw-away fashion, coloured dyes are more likely to run and fade.  This is a serious consideration with the soft furnishings of a patio set; if the colour fades from your parasol and outdoor cushions very quickly, the set will look tired and worn in a matter of weeks. So be careful when buying in a garden furniture sale.

Shop With A Plan

The best way to make the most of seasonal offers, is to go shopping with a list of requirements.  Know exactly what it is that you are looking for.  Make decisions as to which material you want – rattan, aluminium, plastic or wood – before you begin your search.  That way, you are less likely to be bamboozled into making a purchase that you will later regret in a garden furniture sale.

Someone’s Bargain Is Another Person’s White Elephant

Keep in mind exactly what you want and only shop for that.  If you have a small square patio, there’s no point buying an extending metal garden table that seats 14.  It won’t fit and you won’t be happy with it, however cheap it was.   It’s the equivalent of buying a salmon pink corduroy suit because it was half the price of the charcoal grey flannel one that you might actually get to use!

Avoid Repeating Past Mistakes In A Garden Furniture Sale,

We are all creatures of habit and it is quite easy to buy something new that is very like what you already have.  Again, think of how many black jackets you might have in the wardrobe…   This is a great time to think carefully about what you like about your existing set up, and what you’d really like to change.  Perhaps you are tired of the maintenance of wooden furniture?  If you’ve set your heart on updating your old teak set with new rattan patio furniture, avoid buying wood again.  Or you feel that you want a more modern look to echo the feel of those smart gastro pubs?

Genuine Garden Furniture Sale Bargains

As with all retailers, sellers of garden furniture need to clear space in their warehouses and shops for the new stock for the 2015 summer season.   Since garden furniture is a traditional industry, with innovation coming slowly, there really isn’t very much difference in stock from year to year.  If you look around, you will be able to buy an almost identical set to the new stock at a much reduced rate.  If you buy now, you’ll be buying outdoor furniture that you can have delivered in time for the very first bright sunny day of spring.

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