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Garden Furniture Storage – Boxing Clever 

A couple of weeks ago we were at one of the old, traditional country shows which used to be the best way to showcase outdoor furniture in the days before the World Wide Web.  Sitting back in the odd quiet moment, enjoying a few minutes of comfort on the rattan sofa set, I watched Mr Garden Furniture neatly tidying the stand by chucking everything into the trunk that served as a rattan coffee table, that’s great garden furniture storage

It reminded me just how cleverly designed this modern rattan outdoor furniture is.  The great pain with any garden cushions is what to do with them when showers are forecast.  In this respect, rattan chairs are actually worse than metal garden chairs since the water can’t run through quite so fast.  You most emphatically need to be able to store them away somewhere out of the wet.

Garden Furniture Storage – Concealed 

The boxy nature of many rattan patio sets mean that you can either tuck stools under a table, protecting your cushions that way; or lift lids to store soft furnishings under seats or inside coffee tables.

Garden Furniture Storage – Additional Extras

If you haven’t got the sort of garden furniture with storage built in, you can always invest in an attractive garden seat or chest to do the job for you.

Cox and Cox sell a timelessly elegant outdoor wooden storage unit with a galvanized metal top.  It’s a sturdy thing, made from natural spruce and the distressed metal lid gives it a worn vintage look.  It’s not biggest boy on the market, so if your cushions are bulky, you may prefer something a little larger.

One alternative is to go for a wooden garden bench with a lift up top.  There are any number of styles on the market.

Another, is to go for the sleek, durable rattan look.  You can find rattan garden storage boxes in all sizes and colours capable of storing anything you want to keep out of eyesight.

Garden Furniture Storage – So there you have it, no excuses for soggy bottoms whatever the British summer has in store!


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