Garden Tasks for June

Garden Tasks for June 

June is definitely the metal garden furniture connoisseur’s favourite month:  the nights are long and warm, the days are sunny and bright, the garden is verdant and there’s a very good chance that you actually get to eat outdoors round your aluminium patio table or bask for a few minutes on your favourite sun lounger.   Of course, it’s pretty hectic here at Garden Furniture Towers – the phone never stops with people wanting to order the latest aluminium extending table or Greg Wallace fire pit!  Joking apart, it’s heartening that so many of our customers are repeat callers – wanting to add a chair or two to their existing outdoor dining set, or a second set of metal patio furniture altogether.  Warning – garden furniture can become addictive!

But in between the pleasurable moments, while everything is growing like crazy, you do need to keep on top of the garden jobs, so here’s a helpful task list for the month of June:

The Lawn

Mow regularly and this needn’t become too much of a chore; the longer the grass, the faster it grows – honestly!

Pots on the Patio

If you’ve got herbs like tarragon that are beginning to look straggly, cut them back hard now to encourage new growth.  Pinch out the flower heads on chives so that you get more leaves.

What to Chop in the Borders

Broom needs to be cut back after flowering so you don’t get those dead looking black pea pods.  Chop flowering stalks almost into the old wood.

Dead head lilacs and roses; cut back weigela & deutzia after flowering, taking out a couple of entire stems every year;  cut back Clematis Montana if it’s going mad and generally pinch out new shots on young plants to make them bushier.

Bearded Irises can be lifted and divided if they are becoming congested.  When you dig up a rhizome, throw away the bare sections only replanting the newest pieces.

Cut back oriental poppies to the ground, to enable neighbouring plants to get a look in.

If you grow senecio for the silvery leaves, and like me, hate the offensive yellow flowers, now’s your chance to remove them before a migraine sets in!

What to Add into the Borders

New dahlia plants should be in the ground by now but you will need to protect from slugs.  Pinch out the new shoots to make the plants bush and tie them onto strong stakes, remembering that these will be mighty heavy plants come September.


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