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Metal Garden Furniture Towers has been very quiet of late.  Rather than venture out into our own or other people’s gardens, we’ve been finding gardening advice on the internet, carefully avoiding any metal metal furniture sites in favour of something a little more green fingered…

There are obvious places to find good gardening advice such as on the RHS or the website affiliates of garden magazines such as Gardeners’ World where you can find any number of familiar (and not so familiar gardeners blogging on all sorts of aspects of the subject).    Other commercial sites like Sarah Raven’s and Crocus provide plenty of advice and inspiration for free too.

I-Pad Technology At Its Best

Of the relatively new sites, is one of the most visually striking.  Designed as an App for iPad, active on Facebook and Twitter, Into-gardens shows how brilliantly digital media lends itself to all things about gardening advice.  Making full use of the iPad’s adaptability and screen resolution, the photographs almost glow and the information is presented in a fun, quirky way.   The daily mini-blogs or twigs each with a fabulous photo are great too.  Into-Gardens comes out quarterly in line with the seasons.

If Your Seriously Interested In Gardening Advice

You may consider the online gardening and horticultural courses available at  This is the world’s first virtual gardening school, providing courses on all manner of subjects; everything from designing a garden to plotting a vegetable garden, growing trees  or keeping bees; from how to build a pond to contemporary floral design.

The site is an inclusive one with more and more courses added all the time.  The courses include four weekly pre-recorded video lectures with all important downloadable notes, feedback on assignments and personal tuition via your own tutors.  In the virtual classroom, you can chat with your tutor and learn from other gardeners, professionals and enthusiasts alike.

All the tutors are published experts in their field and courses are very reasonably priced.  Before you commit, you might like to take advantage of their regular blog or sign up for the free newsletter which has lots of gardening advice and tips.

Gardening Advice From Enthusiasts

There are also individual enthusiasts who share their gardening advice with generosity such as Michelle Chapman’s  Michelle has been blogging here since 2007 and has a quirky take on things.   The section on free advice & tutorials is particularly helpful – I for one am all in favour of articles such as her Breaking the Rules series.  How late is too late for planting spring bulbs?

Michelle declares that she’s no expert, but that like the rest of us, she’s had occasion to follow advice to the letter only to realize later on that it doesn’t need to be followed quite so earnestly.  I guess it’s a bit like cooking really, and I’m confident in taking short cuts or making adjustments in the kitchen, so it follows that a bit of commonsense will probably get you by outside as well.

Further Gardening Advice

David Marsden is and he writes about a Tudor Priory in Sussex and its 6 acres that he tends alone.  Beautiful photographs!

Pauline Mulligan’s Lead Up the Garden Path describes her Devon ½ acre garden that she has been tending since 1990.  Her snowdrops are inspirational.  Just shows what you can do in a winter garden.

Lots of beautiful gardens all over the web – just in need of one of our lovely sets of metal garden furniture methinks …
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