Gardening Apps

Gardening Apps

Something to keep you amused during the wintery weather – some of our favourite gardening apps …

Plant Identifiers

Top of gardening apps has to be PlantSnapp – this handy little beastie is like having the GQT team in your pocket.  For iPhone and iPad, all you need to do is take a picture with the app which is sent to PlantSnapp HQ which has a database of over 6,000 plants.  Their panel of horticultural experts identifies the plant, before PlantSnapp tells you what it is, how to care for it and also where you can purchase it.  Oh, and they’ve teamed up with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust with the aim of filling UK gardens with pollinator friendly plants.

Gardening Apps RHS Plant Finder – one of the free gardening apps, like the paperback book edition of the same name, which is a reference source of over 70,000 plants.  The search facility is really helpful if you want to get a plant for a specific anniversary or person’s name – if you key in “golden” for a 50th wedding anniversary, you’ll get 15 pages of results.

Also from the RHS is their Plant Selector – a free app that enables you to search for plants suitable for a wide range of conditions eg dry shade, damp soil, ground cover.  It always provides a good variety of answers complete with photographs and key information.

Weed Identifiers

Most of the weed identifying gardening apps seems to be designed for farmers and certainly the BASF Weed ID app identifies 140 species of weeds, categorised as either grass weeds or broad leaf varieties.  Bayer has a new Weed app due out next week which appears to do the same job in a very elegant way.  Even better, it combines 3 of their previous expert guides (for pests, products and weeds) and rolled them into one simple app.

Gardening Apps & Soil Identifiers

The British Geological Survey and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology’s mySoil is a beautifully simple way of pinning down what your soil type is – type, organic matter, texture and pH.  Really useful if you want to buy a plant for a friend in a different part of the country, or are just starting out in the gardening game.  After all, it all comes down to the soil.

All’s fairly quiet at Garden Furniture HQ, so once we’ve dusted the snow off the aluminum outdoor tables and rattan sofas, there’s no better place to be than in the warm with the World Wide Web.


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