Client Experience With Kensington Metal Set

Client Experience With Kensington Metal Set

Here is another in our occasional series of case histories which we use to illustrate how we are able to help customers who might have unusual metal outdoor furniture needs.  Our sales staff is really experienced in the market and enjoys the challenge of finding the ideal metal garden furniture whatever the client’s demands.  This time, it was all about stylish impact without breaking the bank …

The Brief:

Mrs I was working to a tight budget.  Having just built her own home, she and her husband were turning their attention to landscaping the garden outside.  This was an enormous undertaking and while she wanted to dress the patio with the necessary items to enjoy a great outdoor lifestyle, she had to be very careful about what she spent.  This was a party family – they wanted to have barbecues, drinks on the patio and to generally spend a lot of time outside.  What could we suggest for Mrs I, her husband and three teenage boys?

The Solution:

We recommended the Kensington Fire and Ice set which consists of a metal table and 6 dining chairs just like a regular garden dining set.  The aluminium garden furniture has all the benefits of our favourite metal ie it’s low maintenance which appealed to a busy mum of 3, Mrs I, and its durable offering great value for money (comes with a 10 year guarantee).  However, it’s more than a dining set.  The unusual thing about this one is that it has a fire pit in the centre of the table.  This new product has proved really popular – you have a means of keeping warm (no patio heater!), a table top barbecue when you want to grill your dinner or just a handy ice bucket to keep your drinks cold.  A great focus for entertaining.

The Verdict:

Mrs I went for the Kensington Fire & Ice metal garden furniture since at under £1200, its multi functionality offered great value for money as well as a style statement. The table top barbecue proved a talking point when entertaining and her grown up sons loved stashing their beers in the ice bucket.



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