Half Term Break – Get outside and exercise the kids, run in the woods and have fun!

Half Term Break Activity Ideas

It looks as if this Half Term Break holiday is going to benefit from the ongoing mild autumn temperatures.  We all know that there’s no substitute for getting the kids outside in the fresh air, especially at this time of year when the winter bugs start to do the rounds. This time, then, there’s every good reason to get the family outdoors.

Go Rambling

You can do the obvious, and take everyone off for a ramble in the woods.  The leaf colour is amazing at this time of year and children love kicking their way through piles of fallen leaves. Don’t forget to get out on your bikes too. The whole family will benefit from the exercise.  Closer to home, you can get a few garden jobs done by involving youngsters in the plan too. I find it always helps to turn a garden chore into a bit of an adventure. Yummy food and drink usually makes our small friends content to hang outside.

Bonfire Tidy Up

Top of our list for half term break is the big bonfire tidy-up. All those fallen sticks and dead leaves will disappear with the autumn prunings in a puff of smoke (ha, ha).  A bonfire is a great excuse for hot chocolate and marshmallows.  If you invite some friends over, it will become even more of a party.   Don’t forget to check that you don’t have a hedgehog asleep in your bonfire before you light it.  Never set fire to a pile of dead wood and leaves that have been left undisturbed for any length of time.

On other occasions, when the kids have been helping to collect the autumn fruit crops of apples and pears, we keep the spirits and energy high with big fat ham and pickle sandwiches and cups of tomato soup. It’s a great way to keep everyone outside in the middle of the day when we’re most likely to have a bit of sun.


As glamping becomes increasingly de rigueur, we’re all becoming more in touch with nature. People are now much happier to be outside whatever the weather. The new garden products are a great boon in this respect – the array of fire pits and outdoor lighting options, really extend the season.   As we know, our summer months can be unpredictably cool especially when the sun goes down, so being able to snuggle round a glowing fire pit will really help you make the most of that lovely metal garden furniture you spent so long choosing.  I always have a stack of picnic rugs by the French windows for added comfort.

Back at Garden Furniture HQ, we’re all love a bit of autumn alfresco dining! After eating, sleeping and breathing outdoor garden furniture all summer, of course we don’t stop thinking about it now!  If you have invested in one of the fashionable aluminium garden furniture lounging sets, you should do as we do, and grab a few travel rugs, light the fire pit and crank up the barbecue. In my view, very little can beat the lovely feeling of a being wrapped up tight in a cosy rug while reading a book on a sunny autumn day.  Makes me think of all those pictures of Alpine sanatoriums in the 1920s!

Time to congratulate yourself for storing the cushions away during the recent wet weather, they’ll be lovely and dry and very warm to the touch. So come October, get some friends round for an impromptu brunch party – with mugs of hot coffee and bacon rolls. Or invite the lads over for a game of football in the garden with the kids during the half term break. Fire up the barbecue, grill some sausages and mull some cider, spiced with ginger and a tot of rum.  October Half Term is a great time to be out in the garden, and a great time to use your patio garden furniture – who needs a horrid soft play centre?



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