Half Term – What shall we do with the kids during this short holiday? Things to do this half term – get busy!

What To Do To Banish The Half Term Blues

Anyone with young kids to occupy over the forthcoming Half Term break will know that there is absolutely no substitute for real physical play outdoors. We’ve been experiencing an unseasonably warm autumn so far, so there’s even more reason that usual.

Walks In The Woods

Lovely walks in the woods are really special at this time of the year with the leaves crunching underfoot and the fantastic array of autumn colour. If you’d like to kill two birds with one caramel though, and get the kids involved in the jobs in the garden, it is always a good idea to wrap a task up in a treat. The obvious favourite for most children (and adults too) is a bonfire.  It’s a great time of year for a big tidy up.  Do be careful not to set light to a pile of wood that’s been in situ for long though, remember Mrs Tiggywinkle might be hibernating underneath!  A bonfire is a real delight in itself, but you can always bring out the marshmallows and hot chocolate too.

Use Your Rattan Garden Furniture

One of the benefits of the recent fashion for glamping is that people are more used to being outdoors whatever the weather. Indeed they actively want to be out in the open air.  Back at Garden Furniture HQ, we’re all huge fans of autumn alfresco dining!  If you’ve chosen a rattan garden furniture set, you’ve chosen wisely.  In the heat of high summer, you are never going to burn yourself on a rattan chair.  And the furniture will feel equally pleasant to the touch in the chill of winter.  If you’ve ever had to sit on a metal bench while waiting for a bus or a train, you’ll know how the cold can really bite!  Time to congratulate yourself for storing the cushions away during the recent wet weather, they’ll be lovely and dry and very warm to the touch.

Buy A Fire Pit For Your Garden Or Patio

We’ve invested in a fire pit and that really does extend the life of the patio furniture. When the sun goes down, it can feel chilly even in July and August in our country, but with the fire pit glowing, we never feel the need to move indoors. Of course it helps to have a pile of travel rugs just by the patio door. So come October, we hunker down under the rugs around the fire pit on our rattan patio furniture – one of the relaxing sofa sets – and a good time is had by all. Hot coffee and bacon rolls – great for an impromptu brunch party.

On other occasions, when the kids have been helping to collect the autumn fruit crops of apples and pears, we keep the spirits and energy high with big fat ham and pickle sandwiches and cups of tomato soup. It’s a great way to keep everyone outside in the middle of the day when we’re most likely to have a bit of sun.

This week we intend to get some friends round for a mad game of garden football, crank up the gas barbecue and grill some sausages. Snuggling down with a dog on the lap and a glass of mulled cider spiced  with a nip of rum and ginger, what better way to occupy the kids over Half Term?



Please view this great video of how to build a garden fire pit.


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