Halloween Chic – great ideas to decorate your garden and theme the patio.

Halloween Chic

Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing the justly celebrated New England in the Fall will remember with affection those delightfully grouped pumpkins nestling on every porch, in every doorway, that’s halloween chic! Why not use the 31st of October as an excuse to emulate these great outdoor displays?  I’m not talking about the traditional Halloween horror show – I have a friend who puts on a fabulous show of gravecaramels and ghouls every year, and that’s fine in its place.  No, nothing tacky here.  I’m after a bit of country style.

After all, your garden’s very much on display with all those trick or treaters out on the town.  Those of us in the country usually have to keep the kids occupied with private parties, which is even more of reason to raise one’s game this year.

Metal Garden Furniture & Halloween Chic

It’s not as daft as it sounds.  Many of us have our metal garden furniture sets seated in full view of our interior seating areas – highly visible through the French windows from either the dining table or sofa.  So my plan is to transform the metal patio furniture into the backdrop for a chic table display instead of leaving it as a forlorn reminder of the summer.  That way, you can continue to make the most of your outside space, from the comfort of your cosy front room.  Most of our gardens could do with a bit of cheering up at this time of year.

Pumpkin Display For Halloween Chic

The main focus of the display is going to be some Autumn squash so get hold of a number of pumpkins in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours (my particular favourites are Turks Turban and Harlequin, and of course you need one or two of those fabulous big orange ones).   If you need inspiration, Abel and Cole have just started selling the brilliantly named Osh Bosh Squash box (http://www.abelandcole.co.uk/squash-box-5kg).

Halloween Garden Design

Arrange your pumpkins and squash on the patio table in a relaxed group.  If you don’t cut into your pumpkins, they should be fine outside for a few days in this weather.  Next, get a few terracotta flowerpots in varying sizes and stick a garden candle in one or two of them.  You can fix these in place with a bit of sand.  If you want to go the whole hog, carve a pumpkin too, but I’d suggest sticking a battery powered tea light inside.  For that extra Halloween chic, Dress the display with some suitable fairy lights – either solar-powered if the sun’s been kind to us, or battery powered outdoor ones and intersperse with a couple of lanterns as a finishing touch.  Check out Cox and Cox’s range of outdoor lanterns and tree lights for some really lovely versions http://www.coxandcox.co.uk/outdoor-living#page=0&top=1& or have a look at the huge variety at Not on the High Street http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/garden/lights-lanterns.

Of course, you don’t need metal garden furniture to mount a pumpkin display, they do look wonderful nestling on the steps up to a front door, or in a porch way.  I have even used a garden bench which rests against the old walled garden as a terrific stage for mine.

Watch this video for some great Halloween chic design ideas.


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