Happy FSC Friday!

Happy FSC Friday!

Friday 25th September 2015 was the day marked internationally to celebrate the world’s forests and the responsible management of them.  It was spearheaded in the UK by the Forest Stewardship Council which was set up in the 1990s to help to prevent illegal plundering of primary forest throughout the world.

FSC Friday is a neat way to raise awareness with UK companies and organisations marking the occasion in a variety of ways.  Lots of schools have been involved too with green costumes and cake sales.  However, this isn’t a peculiarly English affair – other countries that have marked the day range from those you’d expect like Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands, to Canada and Australia, Brazil, Chile and Indonesia.  Japan is holding an FSC week no less. But of course there are still countries that don’t seem to care about our world, our environment and planet’s future! Like China, Vietnam, Chad, Sierra Leone, Gambia. Most of western Africa, Burma and North Korea!

This is a day that’s close to our hearts in the garden furniture industry.  When we started out selling outdoor furniture, it was wooden and there was lots of illegal teak in the marketplace.  Teak is particularly prized as an outdoor wood for its resilience, largely because it is a very slow growing wood.  That makes it expensive to farm.  Unscrupulous traders found they could make a quick profit by taking it straight out of the rainforest and turning it into garden tables and chairs.  It hasn’t always been easy to tell the origins of your product, but these days the mark of the FSC means you can be reassured that you are not contributing to the destruction of the rainforests.

Why you should buy our metal patio furniture?

We do not cut down trees.

We do not use chroming before we powder coat our aluminium garden sets – in China chroming is still legal! During the process some very nasty by products are produced that are not environmentally friendly, such as hard metals and acids. Are these products properly disposed of in China?


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