Home Working

Home Working

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was about improving your Work/Life balance, the chances are you’ve considered home working.  More and more of us are opting for remote working at least part time so it is not surprising that the options for garden office buildings are on the increase.  Here are some of our favourite, quirkier options.

Rustic Tradition And Home Working

For a compact, charming rural feel, you could not do better than a delightful shepherd’s hut.   I recently stayed in one and can attest to the fact that they are surprisingly room, with their upright stance and shallow curved roof.  Plankbridge in Dorset make lovely ones.  www.plankbridge.com

Designer Cheek Home Working

All hail Wayne Hemingway, the English designer who first came to prominence with his Red or Dead clothes label in the 1980s.  He has a witty, clever range of ingeniously crafted outdoor products including a really neat garden shed.  The ShackUp Porthole multi-purpose shed is 8’ x 8’ and comes with dual circular windows.  You might want to get yourself one of his buttock-shaped water butts to go along side.

Home Working Garden Pods

If you’ve the budget and want a substantial building, check out garden pods as a serious alternative to the conventional office.  I am particularly impressed with the pods on offer at www.pod-space.co.uk.  They offer a standard range of five garden pods in varying sizes – aimed at tiny home workspace to a substantial self-contained living annexe.  They also offer a bespoke service to customize to individual requirements and locations.

As befits an architect-designed product, they offer the latest technological innovations and ecological features – from low energy LED lights and superior insulation, to under floor heating and air source heat pumps, powered by renewable energy, and green roofs of sedum and grasses.

Make Do & Mend

If you don’t want to fork out for a bespoke home working  office building, you can easily tart up your old garden shed.  A lick or two of Cuprinol garden paint in a subtle farrowandbally type of greeny grey or blue on the walls and floor, a cheerful rug and some bunting and Bob’s your uncle – you’ve created a Country Living style garden retreat.   You will want a source of electricity so that you can light and heat it.  Add a few tartan or sheepskin throws.  Nothing could be cosier.

Step Outside

Don’t forget that if you place a small set of metal garden furniture outside your home office, you’ll be much more likely to use it at every opportunity.  Even those tiresome business calls can pass pleasantly if you are basking in the spring sunshine.  If you don’t have a small bistro table to do the job, try placing a garden bench up against the building – or perhaps just a rattan garden chair.  Either will serve the same purpose.

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