How to Combine Interior with Exteriors Successfully

How to Combine Interior with Exteriors Successfully

We can help you mix the interior of your home with your garden seamlessly. This is a terrific method to make your interior living space much larger, more contemporary, and extra vibrant. The following suggestions will help allure eyes to your garden and bring the exterior of your home indoors.

How to Combine Interior with Exteriors Successfully – Expand your garden’s view

To begin with, any big windows or patio doors must be clutter-free so you can appreciate the outdoor view. Keep blinds and curtains simple and clean. You should strive for something that can be completely opened without any obstruction so that curtains won’t block the view when opened.

How to Combine Interior with Exteriors Successfully – Glass is essential

Big glass doors that slide open are crucial for combining your exterior with your interior. Adding as much glass as you can into a room that goes into the garden is vital for bringing the exterior indoors.

If you lack a beautiful view or a big garden, consider using quality metal garden furniture, extravagant plants, ample greenery, and a nice vibrant array of colors.

How to Combine Interior with Exteriors Successfully – Ensure the flooring is right

Choosing a flooring type that can run from your home’s interior to the patio space, merging the two areas. Combining this idea with the addition of large sliding doors allows you to expand the area into one big living space.

How to Combine Interior with Exteriors Successfully – Maintain the floor level

In addition to selecting flooring that uses the same materials inside and out, make sure your living space and garden are at the same level. Also, bypass using steps if you can. This will help allure eyes towards the exterior, turning the interior area into a larger space, aesthetically.

Match the inside with the outdoors

Selecting metal garden furniture that would look just as superb inside is a trick you can use to merge the two spaces. Adding garden colors to the interior of your household will aid in combining the outdoors and indoors. Also, look for plants that match the colors you have inside your home.

Connect the areas with green

Having green items near your windows will integrate the indoors with the garden as well. You can use blinds or even have the walls around the windows painted with a mild green tone.

For the interior, purchase low metal garden furniture

A room’s layout might prompt you to have furniture positioned across the window that block’s the garden’s view. Optimize the view with a low sofa.

Big, healthy indoor pot plants will make your interior living area feel like a conservatory that connects to your garden. This is an economical trick, regardless what your house’s architecture is comprised of, and helps merge the exterior of your home with the inside.

How to Combine Interior with Exteriors Successfully  – At night time, illuminate your garden

When you have guests over at night or when you’re taking it easy in the backyard, the impact of an illuminated garden is breath-taking. However, if it’s cold outside, there’s no reason to have the garden lit once the sun sets. Opt for low energy choices when feasible. Regularly switch the lights off when they’re not required.

Sanitizing your garden parasol

It can be troublesome to clean your garden parasol, particularly since it can be stained by mildew/mold. Consider the following when preparing your parasol for summer weather:

We recommend getting your parasol cleaned yearly prior to storing it away for colder seasons. Simply wash it with cleaning solution and warm water before giving it a rinse.

Refrain from doing this on the day it will be placed in your storage area. It should be left in the open so it can dry under the sun. If you put it away before it dries, you’re inviting mildew/mold into your storage area.

If you have a vinyl parasol, you’ll need something stronger to clean it with than regular solution. Consider using a convertible car roof solution like Renovo Vinyl Soft Top Cleaner or RaggTopp Fabric Vinyl Cleaner.

Parasol canopies should never be cleaned in a washing machine. Even though the frame needs cleaning, it shouldn’t be separated from the canopy.

For an optimal pre-winter wash, begin by brushing off any loose leaves or dirt before using cold water to hose it down. Afterward, use a soft bristled brush or sponge to scrub it with washing liquid and warm water. After thoroughly soaking it for several minutes, use cold water to rinse it. Allow it to air-dry under the sun.

Exterior chair cushions and parasols are susceptible to mildew and mold, particularly when they’ve endured the elemental weather. You can eliminate mildew and mold from cushions and parasols, but be mindful not to damage the material.

Wearing rubber gloves combine 2L of isopropyl rubbing alcohol with 2L of cold water. Dip a soft cloth into the alcohol solution, purge out the surplus liquid, then scrub the material. After sponging it off, hose it down with cold water. Air dry the parasol outdoors. Before you know it, it will look almost new.


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